Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Deposition Again, is Really Not Intelligent

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Lindsay Lohan just blew off her deposition in another lawsuit.

We know, we know ... hard to even imagine such an event.

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The troubled star had been ordered to appear for a deposition in L.A. Monday morning in her lawsuit with a celebrity news photographer named Grigor Balyan.

He claims the actress' assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. club and put him in the hospital, all while driving Miss Crazy in her ride.

Lindsay, who did not show for her previous deposition in this case because she's just too busy partying, blew this one off as well ... girl is not bright.

The best part? Her lawyer, Julia Azrael, can't even get in touch with Lohan, and tried to give Grigor's lawyers a heads up that she can't reach her.

The deposition wasn't rescheduled, however, and Balyan's camp will file legal papers this week asking a judge to FORCE Lindsay to show the hell up.

If Lindsay continues to refuse, the judge could simply issue a judgment against her and order LiLo to pay whatever amount of cash he/she deems fit.

Not like they'll be able to collect. Just saying.

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I'm no fan, but I'm worried about her. Media should stop being sarcastic. Something is wrong here. She's worn out.


I just knew it: SHE WOULDN'T LET ME DOWN!!