Kim Kardashian Divorce Case: Settled!!!

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The 536-day battle appears to be over.

Sources tell TMZ that a judge will officially settle the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce case later today, with a hearing scheduled that will bring this ridiculous back-and-forth to an end.

Kim Kardashian with Lipstick

As previously reported, reality has finally set in and Kris realizes he has zero chance of getting the marriage annulled.

Therefore, he is NOT expected to appear in court this afternoon.

Kim will be on hand, however. And while details on the settlement remain confidential, it's clear she will be on the winning side: a judge will grant the couple a divorce, not an annulment.

Humphries will then return to the basketball court and try to lead the Nets past the Bulls in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, while Kim can return to planning for a baby with Kanye West.

And eating everything in sight, if tabloid covers are to be believed.


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Kim Kardashian Divorce Case: Settled!!!
Now tell me it's not real!
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way to go you can buy baby shoes???


SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU BUT TMZ IS NOT A NEWS SOURCE. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIALLY DIVORCED. Almost every news site is quoting TMZ PATHETIC.. Kim is NOT free to marry or DIVORCE according to California state law. What a lie... He can turn around and use Kim settlement documents as toilet paper. By law it is voluntary. HE HAS SIGNED NADA, NOTHING ! He will mostly likely get a new court date for the trial. She will have dropped her satan spawn and playoffs will be over. And he will get access to ALLLLLL her emails etc. Let the public shaming commence! GO HUMPHRIES! WELL PLAYED!


This may be the 1st story that I've read about Kim that was written in decent style. Just how professional it is, kinda thing. You've come a long way @HiltonHater (lol), good job!


her face is disgustingly powdered.
to make this even worse she used the bad collor lipstick.

Ms billie
@ abe

Hummmm sounds like someone who wants something he can't have. Her face isn't disgustingly powered she happens to be a very light complected lady. As for her lipstick she tends to wear that shade. I do believe you were trying to say color lipstick. Calling her a whore makes you sound like a back hills jerk that's well experienced in dealing with such.

@ abe

Funny you should say that. I'm no K fan, but I was thinking she looked like one of those old-fashioned Vargas girls that use to be in Playboy back in the day.

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