Hulk Hogan Wins Restraining Order Against Sex Tape Distribution

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Thankfully, the Hulk Hogan sex tape will not be coming to a living room near you.

A rep for the wrestling legend confirms that a Florida court has granted Hogan's request for a temporary restraining order that prevents Gawker Media from releasing footage from his bedroom encounter of a few years ago.

That website has grossed out the Internet a few months ago by teasing Hogan's videotaped banging of Heather Clem in 2006.

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Hogan sued Gawker for $100 in response.

And while that lawsuit will likely be tied up for awhile, Judge Pamela Campbell of the Sixth Judicial Circuit in Pinellas County ruled heavily in Hogan's favor Wednesday.

She ordered Gawker to remove all sex tape clips from its website and return all full versions of the video of Hogan's lawyers.

In related news, we apologize to readers for reminding you that Hulk Hogan once starred in a sex tape. We know: EWWWW.

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Blake Burleson exposes in smlipe terms Hogan's Secret Move. This is Golfing Gold! Blake is a talented observer of Mr. Hogan's technique that has not been improved upon in our current technologically advanced day. I plan on recommending the book on my website [...]