Hayden Panettiere Boob Job Rumors: Did She Get Plastic Surgery?

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Hayden Panettiere looks a bit curvier lately, but is that the result of a boob job? Putting on a few pounds? Or just the way a particular bikini looks on her?

Hayden Panettiere Boob Job?
Hayden Panettiere Pink Bikini

The rumors started after Hayden Panettiere bikini pics taken on Easter spread like wildfire online. Relatively speaking, she was busting out of that thing.

She looked fairly curvy in her Glamour photos too, but not so much so that plastic surgery seems obvious. There could be many variations at work.

That bikini is microscopic, first of all, and anyone's chest looks bigger depending on the angle of the pic. If she put on 5-10 pounds, that'd make a difference too.

Finally, do they really look that different from last year ...

Hayden Bikini Photo
Hayden Panettiere Esquire Photo

Or even from all the way back in '09? You be the judge:

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Picture
Sexy Hayden Panettiere Pic

What do you think? Did Hayden get breast implants?

Shannon ray haldeman

at first i would say no cus she looks normal but as you look closer to the pic in the pink swim suit you can see the ripples in her chest from a implant bag


y por cierto espantoso bikini! de mal gusto!


los tiene! y mal puestos le hace un defecto en el pecho..horrible!


stop with these idiot suggestions.
...............but leave her alone!!


You can see the implant ripples and indent. I have implants. I know them when I see them and she most CERTAINLY has them


Yep, looks like she's packin' on a few pounds. You can see it in her face too. The Esquire photos are probably retouched and airbrushed, though, so who knows.

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