George W. Bush Library Dedicated, Five Living U.S. Presidents Converge

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In a rare event, all five living U.S. Presidents converged today for the official opening of George W. Bush's presidential library in Dallas, Texas.


Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were cheered by a crowd of former White House officials and world leaders.

They were joined on stage by their wives - the nation's current and former first ladies (below) - at the outdoor ceremony on a sunny Texas morning.

The leaders were putting aside the profound ideological differences that have divided them for years for a day of pomp and pleasantries for Bush, 66.

As the George W. Bush Presidential Center opens, with it comes an unofficial return to the public eye for a man whose presidency was so polarizing.

Presidential politics also hung over the event.

Before the ceremony even began, former First Lady Barbara Bush made waves by brushing aside the building Jeb Bush 2016 presidential buzz.

First Ladies

"We've had enough Bushes," said Mrs. Bush, the spouse of George H.W. Bush and mother of George W. Bush, in an interview with NBC's Today.

Yet the man of the hour George W. Bush, openly talked up the presidential prospects of his brother in an interview that aired Wednesday on ABC:

"He doesn't need my counsel, because he knows what it is: 'Run.'"

What happens then is a topic for another day. This one was about George W. Bush's presidency and the interactive exhibits housed to commemorate it.

Major events such as 9/11, the financial bailout, the Iraq War and the international focus on HIV and AIDS, are all prominently displayed at the venue.

Bush says he is comfortable with the decisions he made while in office and hopes history will be a fair judge. His successor will likely reflect similarly one day.

For now, though, in a reminder of his duties as Oval Office inhabitant, President Obama is already off to honor members of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.




George Bush, the kind of guy you want to have a beer with, except he’s an alcoholic. While attending college in the 1970s, I developed an aversion for preppie frat boys who achieve success based upon no merit but family connections. Bushie was elected governor and president due to the influence of his father’s name and the efforts of Karl RovePERIOD He was a business failure. History as already judged him as the WORST president EVER – win, place, show. He claims his decision to invade Iraq was based upon principle, the implied threat of WMD to our national security (no delivery system) and the Arabs deserve to live in a free society. Bulloney: The true neoCON reason for the invasion of Iraq can be found here: and the lasting effect on US can be found here:


I like Bush 1's pink socks. Fashion courage!


I wish the bros. Tsarnaev had visited THIS gathering.

@ WakeUpAmerika

WakeUp - so you want terrorists to murder all past and present presidents? Nice. Do you stomp puppies when you're not spewing hate? I hope you find some peace and solace in your life.

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