Food Fanatic Recipes of the Week: 7Up, Kale and More!

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We're very jealous of our friends at Food Fanatic.

While we've been staying up late to cover the latest Justin Bieber shenanigans, that website has been cooking up fun dessert recipes and generally having a blast in the kitchen.

Doing what, exactly? Scroll down for our weekly rundown of what you can concoct thanks to the good folks at Food Fanatic...

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  • This 7Up Cake Recipe is a simple twist on pound cake. A simple, tasty twist that is!
  • Do Kale Chips sound terrible to you? Do not knock them until you have tried them.
  • Looking for a sweet breakfast or fun side dish? How about this Apple Coffee Cake Recipe?
  • Finally, it doesn't get more versatile than this Rice Bowl Recipe. Toss anything you'd like in there, readers, and enjoy!
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stay in controle, folks!!