Chris Brown and Rihanna Break Up, Reliable Source Claims

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Chris Brown and Rihanna are over, and according to reports, it's not an April Fools prank this time. An E! News source confirmed the duo's split today.

The breakup wasn't caused by any cheating, but a "tireless frenzy of are-they-or-aren't-they tail-chasing" wore on them, as did demanding schedules.  

Chris Brown, Rihanna (Grammys)

Per insiders, Rihanna will always love Chris Brown but has moved on from him and is "re-shifting her focus to her career and business ventures."

That's about as vague as you can get, but such is life.

Chris hinted recently that her international tour was tough on him (even if cheating on him with a girl would be okay), while he's been flirting up a storm himself.

There is reportedly no other man in the Barbadian beauty's life, or the R&B star's, though he was seen the other night with a mysterious blonde in NYC.

In any case, the timing of the split comes as a surprise if nothing else, since they got back together so publicly and have been so open with their love of late.

What do you think about their breakup? Surprised? Sad? Happy?

Think Rihanna and Chris Brown will reconcile one day?

How long before he hooks up with Karrueche Tran?

Hit the comments below and discuss!


so there still at it well at least i know there never ever going to stay apart now because how many times have i heard this thing about breaking up and than get right back together maybe 1268 times in that is true believe me

Roxy noboa

I think this is sad as we (the fans) were all looking forward to their encounter and they make a wonderful couple. But it is what it is and life and everything that comes with it is futile and fleeting. I feel sorry for Rihanna; she got beat up, then she forgives him, then he is undecisive, etc. I don't think that is the kind of life she wants: to be with someone who doesn't seem determined. My advice is to stay single for a considerable amount of time until her soul heals, and to go out and meet as many people as posible. There are so many cute and charming guys. Get into an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus our Savior, lean on Him, and HE will give her the best. But she must trust Him, obey His commandments, and be patient and wait for the man whom God has in store for her.


Ri stop fooling uaself with chris,he is a man and he wants to tast vry idiot as long as he leavs just mov on with ua fuckd up lif coz ua pretty and u desav th best of them all.I know u lov him the way we all do but if he's not worth u mov on!!!! dont waste tim.HE WILL ALWAYZ Play u,hit u and mek u cry lik a dead rat, can't ua mama advice u or ua too thick upstairs? waz just saying!!


Chris Brown should have hit Rihanna again to teach her a lesson. To let girls know the consequences of falling for the bad boy.


Have u got a bf Ashley, ur cuute :)

Ashley carbajal

Rihanna wants more than 1 boyfriend she wants to make chris jelouse as always... n i dont blame chris.. he has to go through all that. I mean the hittin he does with Rihanna that was in the past just Rihanna has changed alot to a bad person. the girl he was once with was right for him. he was happy n all till she wants what she gets.


I'm so very devasted over Rihanna decision to go away from Chris, you know, you can be rich but if you don't have love, the rest of you life is notting good !


Ha. The 'media' are the funniest things invented...EVER!! Now, in a couple of days, I'll read a thousand articles w/ ChrisB. & Rihanna at a basketball game or something! Smdh at the stories that the 'media' puts out.


Well, there will be a lot of happy Karreuche fans that's for sure. I think Rihanna had total revenge, luring him back, getting him there and then wham, it's ovah!!!! Paybacks a beotch CB

Roxy noboa
@ Joni

No, I think there is more to it than just revenge.

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