Boston Bombing Suspects Battle Police, Kill MIT Officer; One Suspect Dead, One at Large

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Armed with explosives and guns, the Boston Marathon bombing suspects battled law enforcement officers in a Boston suburb early Friday morning.

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    It's sad we let people like this come to our country and live and then they do this to our people. But let our troops keep helping other countries while they come here and kill our people. I don't get it at all. This just makes me sick!! This man should have his legs blown off... But we aren't like that and that will never happen. He will sit in jail the rest of his life and live off of tax payers money. So why would any terrorist care about getting caught if they don't kill themselves first.

    @ Nikki


    @ Nikki

    i absolutely agree. when the hell are they going to stop them from coming in. we have enough people as it is. hope they give him to the guys in prison. hope they torture the filthy bastard


    No matter how horrible the crime in our country that is committed, these poor excuses for human beings could care less about being caught and punished, because they know it will be easy for them. so many murderers, rapists and abusers of any sort do a little time and are released to do it again. i see it here in CT year after year. out judicial system sucks big time. makes me sick. when we catch these scum bags we should put them up against a wall and get out our trusty assault rifles, but of course we can't because hussein in the white house would wag his finger and say no no no. could we at least use our flame throwers please.????

    @ MEG

    I totally agree with you.


    very dengr


    It doesn't matter what they look like or where they are from MORONS....THEY ARE TERRORISTS AND SHOULD DIE IMMEDIATELY>..I'm from Boston & these BASTARDS HAVE RUINED AN ENTIRE CITY ALONG W/ALL AMERICANS>>>>>

    @ let them DIE

    yeah, let all the mf's die. i for one would do it and not bat an eyelid.


    Chechen, interesting, Communist/Muslims? Obama, Communist/Muslim?


    THG, it's 19 and 26, not 20.


    Sylvia, no one cares where YOU THINK they "look like they are from", dumbass. They ARE from Russia.


    They look like they are from Israel.

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