Boston Bombing Suspect: Saudi National in Custody, Not Charged or Under Arrest

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Following the dual explosions at the Boston Marathon that claimed three lives and injured over 100, a Saudi national is in custody ... but is he a real suspect?

Officials say the person in custody is not charged and not under arrest. He is cooperative, answering all their questions, and denying involvement.

CBS News' John Miller, a former assistant FBI director, said a witness reported that a person was acting suspiciously when the explosions happened.

That person, believed to be a 20-year-old Saudi national, was then taken into custody, but Boston Police deny he is a suspect. CBS News explains:

"They see him running away from the device," said Miller. "Now, a reasonable person would be running away. But this person had noticed him before."

"This is a civilian - chases him down, tackles him, turns him over to the Boston police. The individual is being looked at [and] was suffering from a burn injury."

"That means this person was pretty close to wherever this blast went off, but not so close as to suffer the serious injuries that the other people did."

Police will examine this person's communications and every aspect of his life, as well as talk to the witness who tackled him to find out what was so suspicious.

"So if that individual pans out that," said Miller, "that of course, it would give the case a big jump forward. If not, then they're back to physical evidence."

"Forensics, witnesses, whatever they can pick up on surveillance cameras."

As for what authorities will be looking for in the crime scene area, Miller said they will look for what they can pick up on those two devices that detonated.

"Were they command detonated, meaning was somebody standing in between them with a remote control? Were they controlled by a cell phone?"

"Or were they carefully timed? That would be a challenge to have them timed to go off so close together and to place them in those places without being detected."

President Obama said in a statement last night that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, but stopped short of using the word "terror" at any point.

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At least we're getting a real investigation. That never happened after 9/11. The investigation into the latter was blocked for over a year by the Bush/Cheney neo-cons, much of the evidence was destroyed, and the eventual congressional inquiry, a year later, was grossly underfunded and headed by a pro-war neo-con insider. As a result, the most basic questions about 9/11 remain unanswered -- e.g., Where were the interceptors? .... A destruction of evidence accompanied by a rush to judgment are strong indications of false-flag attack -- a terrorist attack in which an innocent individual, country, ethnic group or religion is deliberately framed while the real perpetrators go free to attack again.

@ R.W. Emerson II

R.W. you my friend are a nut-job. Anyone that claims that the 9/11 attacks didn't occur or that they were carried out by the U.S. is smoking crack. Having served at the Pentagon and multiple tours to Iraq / Afghanistan I can tell you the hundreds (or thousands) of survivors or family members lived, suffered and lost REAL loved ones in each of those attacks. So drink a tall glass of shut the hell up or discuss this with the nearest Marine or Soldier if you need assistance drinking that glass of liquid STFU.


hi hru mi dear frnd


I do wish that the media or people just blogging on this horrible event would wait and get actual facts instead of surmising and making things worse than they already are, if that is possible. Obviously at this point they don't know a lot but they're working hard and carefully to try and figure it out. You can't just lynch the first person you see without proof. Just give them a chance to release factual information instead of inciting a riot with "supposition."


I'm from Boston, & thankfully I missed the marathon this year. My husband & I were about to go, but tendinitis stopped me from going. Thank-God. The sad thing is this is a very special event & holiday for Bostonians each year, & whoever did this unspeakable act should be prosecuted & die. PERIOD.........


No matter who made these bombs and blew up people who are innocent bystanders , they are freaken crazies that need to be removed from our society... for some reason most of the dangerous crazies in my neighborhood keep getting released from prison over and over and over again just to repeat their crimes on innocent victims's about time our legal system keeps crazies locked up for good and away from decent citizens... it's like we no longer feel safe in our own neighborhoods anymore cause our legal system is too politically correct, trusting vermin and thinking they are fixable, THEY ARE NOT FIXABLE !!!!


they look different, right?


ofb: That is not what happened but to a KOOL-AID drinker (who voted for the OBAMATION) in our White House, I would suspect nothing less. You are an IDIOT, PURE AND SIMPLE. Apparently you are so politically correct you would be blown to smithereens before you would acknowledge the simple truth. Muslims have an order from the pedophile Mohammed himself: Lie, Obfuscate and do everything in your power to bring about a Muslim Caliphate in the United States. Crawl back under your rock, cretin!

@ Elaine Connelly

Hey Elaine, in response to your rude and ignorant comment...go fuck yourself you ditchpig...

@ Elaine Connelly

I happen to agree here. But I don't have to sight an 'order' to back it up. I have multitudes of stories both from citizens and news sources within the UK about what the muslims there do regularly and what they are allowed to get away with. Following just that in just the one country over the course of a two year period, they would be my first suspects before anyone else. Racism has nothing to do with it, track record has everything to do with it.

@ Elaine Connelly

Ooops, my comment was in reply to Elaine Connelly and not to bailey!

@ Elaine Connelly

If your first thought is to place blame on somone then your priorities as a h

@ bailey

You're a moron and most probably inbred too...

@ Elaine Connelly

From what you wrote, you're obviously either a racist or an ignorant individual. I'm almost sure you got your "sources" about Muhammad S.A.W from wikipedia and other anti-muslim sites. I don't mind if you want to hate and criticize. But at least have concrete facts to back your accusations.


Don't jump to coclusions folks, this was an INTERNATIONAL event. Did you notice to 30 or so flags at the end? This may just be another case of racial profiling, even by the citizen "Oh look...there's an Arab, he must be the bomber he's running like everyone else" I'm all for getting the right guy but let's not turn this into a witch hunt.