Audrie Pott Suicide: Three Boys Charged With Sexual Assault Following Teen's Death

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Three teen boys have been arrested and charged with sexual assaulting their classmate, Audrie Pott, while she was intoxicated and passed out at a house party.

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    Even though the rules are favored toward women in these types of scenarios... Its quite simple, if she says no, if she is drunk, on drugs or whatever the situation is... Keep it in your pants and your hands to yourself . If you need a girl to be under the influence of anything to get lucky... You arent ready for sex yet.


    This girl had attemoted suicide before, she was fully conscious during the sex acts which she knowingly performed and instigated, not to mention her boyfriend was there the whole time... hmmm are these boys a victim of the media not having all the facts!?


    no matter who you are your belong to god..i pry four you.and your family ..


    I also think they should charge anyone who posted the video or pics as assessories to the crime. They watched and took photo's and did nothing to stop it, They should be charged also.


    Something very similar to this happened just a few weeks ago in Ohio I believe the article stated. Those same son-of-a %#!'s also believed they'd done nothing wrong because the girl happened to be intoxicated. Sheesh what is wrong with the youth of today? Do they have shit for brains or what? They are a sorry excuse for human beings!


    Different people but the same behavior...what else is new? At least the girl does not have to suffer another day of misery. But, it is unfortunate that she chose to end her short life.


    Who gave these teenagers those drugs, alcohol and all that hot garbage weed and marijuanna? Who distributed those illegal substances to them???


    This is so sad, it's really too bad these young "heathens" can't be castrated along with getting a very stiff sentence in prison. Maybe they will get the same treatment in prison they gave this pretty young lady that had so much going for her. They need to be assigned to a cell with "Bubba".


    So sad to read this story. Why are people so evil these days, this has stop now:(


    The parents are going to sue the school district. The reasoning is that although the school restricts internet access on their own computers, they do not restrict the students access to the internet through their own smartphones, in the yard, or on school grounds during school time. For this reason they were negligent in their responsibilities (unlike say New York which has zero tolerance for smart phones on school campuses) Therefore the parents can sue the school for negligence.

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