Adam Lanza Bullied at Sandy Hook Elementary School; Mom Considered Lawsuit

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Adam Lanza’s mother considered suing Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to a new report, due to the intense bullying her son endured there.

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    I think the mom and son were both a little (or more) nuts. According to friends and relatives, Adam was never quite right. That his mom sent him to a mainstream school where he was abused and that she continued to send him there to be abused instead of pulling him out and sending him to an alternative school or getting him mental help doesn't seem like the acts of a mother with a good handle on things herself or like a mother who truly cared about her kid, like she kept sending him to that school to show others he was mentally or psychologically normal when he wasn't.


    She knew her son was being bullied and considered suing, but continued teaching there? Something doesn't seem right about that...


    "a relative said". Imagine how believable this is, in the light of massive comment that Adam Lanza was stitched up.


    When Hollywoodgossip is the paper that gives first hand info on Adam Lanza"s life history and not the main stream media! It makes one wonder! So much BS has been written from day one!


    Wow, Deb couldn't have said it better myself!!!
    This is NOT a gun issue it's a MENTAL HEALTH issue!!!! I have a friend who had to take her Autistic son out of school because of bullying!!!

    @ Danielle

    That's what I was trying to say. Adam's mother should have removed him from mainstream school and found him alternative schooling where he'd be safe, and hopefully happier. Instead, she just kept sending him to a place where he was being abused. How reasonable or rational is that!!!


    don't try to sue him.


    When I read something like this; little wonder that anyone (let alone someone with Aspergers) would snap at some stage. Rather than focusing on gun debates; why don't we look at the inherent bullying that goes on in schools, & try to address this issue. We can't, as a society; shun, isolate & physically bully those that are a little bit different from the rest of us; without expecting fallout. I feel profoundly sad that this young man endured this sort of abuse in his very short life. It's just a tragedy all round.

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