The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Kenya's Amusement Park

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta had Kenya declaring that "He's Stalking, I'm Walking" Sunday. We run down all of the weirdness in THG's +/- recap ...

Kenya's Surprise

I don't know if Walter was actually stalking but if I were her I'd be running in the opposite direction because after what we learned tonight, their relationship makes even less sense.

So Kenya and Walter weren't having sex?!? Really?

Miss USA swears that after months of dating and even sharing a room on vacation she never witnessed him once, um… standing at attention.

Then why was she so gung ho to marry him? Did she think things were going to get better if she got a ring?

Minus 20. These two are even weirder than I originally thought.

Walter's explanation for the lack of sex makes me think even less of him.  He tells the boys that Kenya was too old for him. According to Walter, "I like my women like I like my rims. 22s, 24s, 26s."  What a jackass. Minus 18.

But Walter's made friends with all of the boys. Or at least they invite him to all of their parties in the hopes of watching Kenya explode. Minus 11. I think the boys may enjoy the drama even more than the girls.

Walter shows up at Kandi's housewarming party with a much younger date on his arm.  Then he dumps her in a chair to go spend time with the boys. Did I mention I thought he was a jackass?

And who invited Walter in the first place? Todd? Phaedra?

Has anyone else noticed that Walter seems to want to spend more time with Kordell than with his supposed dates?  Just an observation.

Speaking of Kordell, he didn't seem over the moon when he thought that Porsha might be pregnant. And she was quickly brought to tears by his rant that she had to choose whether she wanted a career or a baby. Minus 10.  No nannies for Porsha.

But as controlling as Kordell is, sometimes I wonder if Porsha needs that in her life.  Admittedly when she asked him, "So I need to pee for two whole minutes?" I laughed out loud. Plus 13.

Comedy aside, should anyone that dumb be in charge of raising children?

Getting back to Kenya for a minute, did you see Porsha's face when Kenya told her she needed to dress as Halle Berry from the movie BAPS. Isn't that the one where she wears that really tacky, vinyl orange cat suit. Plus 15. That's hysterical…and downright mean.

It's OK for Kenya to give her guests suggestions for her costume party but telling them what they must wear is kind of rude. Minus 10.

Of course the rest of her picks were pretty good. Cynthia will make a great Diana Ross. Phaedra and Eartha Kitt are the perfect match. But when she said she wanted Kandi to come as Tina Turner from the movie did she mean Angela Bassett playing Tina Turner?

Once again, Nene Leakes looked like the sanest and most successful Housewife of the bunch. Who would have guessed that!



Come on can anyone really say they like her. Please can she please give herself a break and leave the show. She is abssolutely unattractive, no matter how much she tries to fool herself and please don't blame it on ther ladies who are all together. Telling it like it is.


Kenya you are beautiful but can't you see no one likes you. Enjoy your friends and don't talk so much. Walter is the biggest loser of all. Just hold your head up when you see him. He's a real jerk. You don't have to prove anything. Be happy don't be so serious.


Kenya looked like a fool by telling everyone Walter was going to propose. The relationship was fake, created for the show. Now she is trying to save face by claiming he is gay, she's so pathetic. (She's not as hot as she thinks is , either!)

@ Kristina

Yes girl you are right,people can invited whoever they want,Kendra Walter doesn't want you, be for real.Walter isn't that kind of man who will jump because someone feel a kind of way.That God he didn't trust you ,he you would be a fool for real.Good job Waler leave that fucked up thinking Pussy alone and throw the cross up.


Wonder if Phaedra/Peter/Kordell will invite Walter to Kenya's party...that would be funny! Walter is making himself look gay. He wasn't interested in Kenya, and he doesn't seem to be any more interested in his 20 something date. What a loser.

@ Sammie

Yeah, It' so obvious that the relationship was fake - that's why she's always running away, probably thinking Walter will bust her out on TV. Too run that fast from Kandi's party really says that she was hiding something. Peter said it best - Kenya is juvenile! Who old is this chick?, 16.......

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