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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed there’s “No Business Like Clothes Business” while bad taste can still be very expensive, indeed.

We break down the drunken breakups and unexpected makeups in THG’s +/- review:

Can you feel the love? It’s the ladies last night in Paris and the city of love was definitely rubbing off on our housewives. Plus 10. That doesn’t happen often.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Brandi Glanville is actually making friends. She and Kim are half way to being BFFs as they bond over sobriety and Yolanda graces Brandi with a new pair of shoes.

Plus 15. Who would have seen that coming at the beginning of the season?


There’s only one flaw in the evening. Ken’s jacket. Minus 9. What was up with the sparkly gold lapels?

The entire trip even makes Lisa consider renewing her vows with Ken. Paris must really have some super powers.

Back in Beverly Hills Lisa invites over Kevin Lee, the flamboyant party planner they used for Pandora’s wedding.

Minus 12. Is this really the guy you call for a chic, intimate housewarming / vow renewal ceremony?  I can only imagine what over the top nonsense he’ll recommend.

Taylor visits with Dana. We haven’t seen her since last season. Now we know why.

Dana’s completely wasted. She admits she drinks too much, smokes too much and f*cks too much but she’s OK with that.  

Her fiance left her and took the Lamborghini he gave her for her birthday. Minus 11.

The funniest moment was Dana calling Brandi Glanville a low life and that she didn’t measure up to housewives status as she sat there stoned, lighting her cigarette with a candle.  

I think someone’s a little bitter about not being asked back for season 3.

Yolanda and David have a photo shoot and wow! Plus 20. Yolanda may be officially out of the modeling game but she certainly hasn’t lost her touch.  She looked gorgeous and she and her husband made quite a stunning couple.

Finally we’re off the big opening of Kyle’s new store, Kyle by Alene Too.  

Does Kyle actually design anything? No. She picks out what she likes and resells it in her boutique.

But every time Kyle raved about an outfit I thought eww. MInus 18. Let’s just say that even if I had the money, I wouldn’t be shopping at Kyle’s.  

Everyone shows up for the opening. Even Faye. Minus 22. Can’t we leave the wannabes at home?

Paul and Adrienne show up. No one has seen them in a while but honestly, did anyone really miss them?

Taylor’s reevaluating her relationships and tells Yolanda that it wasn’t her she hated, it was only her husband.  Minus 13.  Yeah, that didn’t go over so well.

So did Kim really mix up her medications?  Maybe. Like she said, she’s got a lot of trust to earn back. Plus 15. It certainly appears that she’s trying.

Next week it looks like Faye goes after Brandi once again.  Maybe Yolanda can pelt her with lemons until she leaves. We can only hope.