Ted Nugent on Hugo Chavez Death: GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Ted Nugent, not surprisingly, was not a fan of the late Hugo Chavez.

The rocker issued a candid assessment of his death last night.

Three words will sum it up. Those words are "ADIOS MO FO."

Sort of two words broken into three, but you get the idea here.

Ted Nugent Rocks
H. Chavez

"All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring!" Nugent proudly told TMZ after Hugo Chavez died at the age of 58.

A devout socialist and outspoken anti-American dictator who clashed frequently with the U.S., Chavez pretty much embodied everything Ted Nugent hates.

About politics, and life itself really.

If he encouraged his followers to "chop heads off" when it came to defeating President Obama in 2012, you can imagine how he feels about Chavez.


The Teabag Party was started by the minutemen and they were started by the KKK (these are the uneducated that believe the south will rise again). Now they control the GOP, who now want to send out coconuts with the same old GOP message of protecting the rich, because they no longer hold a lead on civil liberties because they were the ones who came up and passed the Patriot Act, they were the ones who kidnapped and waterboarded, they were the ones who passed vaginal ultrasound bills throughout the nation (but leave the child abandoned after birth), they are the ones who love hating the gays (even though some secretly practice it), they were the ones who passed minority voter suppression laws right before a national election. But hey keep doing, what you are doing, and the end game is clear, you are out, finished. I think the GOP has written off all minorities (who needs us, honestly who needs you!), but hey send out your coconuts, but don’t expect winning any elections. The GOP is reaping what they have sown!


have respect for what he did for the poor & homeless.
................HELLO, united states of america................HELLO?


He actually wasn't a dictator. He was democratically elected.

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