Suki Waterhouse: Dating Bradley Cooper!

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Bradley Cooper has snagged himself a model.

The Hangover III star has been spotted around town over the past few weeks with a beauty nearly half his age, 20-year old Suki Waterhouse.

Suki Waterhouse Picture
Fancy Bradley Cooper

"It's new but they're hanging out," an insider tells Us Weekly, adding of the 38-year old Oscar nominee: "He's really into her."

Cooper and Waterhouse took a walk around Boston yesterday and were also seen in the same car (hot!) on February 12 in London.

Cooper has been single since breaking up with Zoe Saldana just before the holidays in 2012.

He has also been romantically linked to Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, and Jennifer Lopez. Not shabby!


I hate to pile on so late in the game but how does anyone know that he's a closeted Gaylord? Anyhow, my theory on why Bradley is even with this Waterhouse chick..I feel that he's with her because they are virtually the same age maturity wise. Yes Suki is chronologically 21 but mentally and emotionally she's really 17 and Bradley is emotionally pretty much about the same age!" So you see, he's perfect for her. Because neither are one bit nature for thier ages. And whatever sex appeal that Bradley garnered from his leading man days are soon to be long gone. This is the same man who did his college thesis on Humbert Humbert in Nabokov's Lolita so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's really going on here....His best bud is none other than Leo DiCaprio who is famous for dating under aged girls for Christ sake! I believe that Both Brad and Leo are extremely unsexy and insecure posturing little rich boys who will possibly never be held accountable for the stupid depraved shit that they do. Not as long as little girls like Suki Waterhouse gives them all the play." :-P


He drinks a lot and lies! Heard he snorts white stuff as well. Notice how he was only actor who was all over world non stop promoting himself after oscar nominees were named. Lied through his teeth in all the shows he was on. Funny he now cries like baby and says he never wanted oscar. Yeah ok, that's why he is only oscar nominee who did so much self promotion. Daniel Day Lewis desereved win. He does not self promote like ego maniac. Bradley will never go anywhere as he proved himself to be dirty doucje messing with little girls. Gross! No girl of 20 dates old men unless gold diggers, fame hos or have serious mental issues. Hell hope he never has a daughter as she would be prime for him. She is only out of teens two months ago. Get help Coop, you are blowing your image and career. You had one lead man role and it went to both heads. Your lead man roles are done now as all major directors will hear of your douchey dating of children. What an idiot. Bet he is back on booze. If he ever quit.......I hear he was boozing lots at all award show after paties. Loves white powder as well.


Disgusting pervert!!!!! They look like father and child. Sicko. Hate liars. She is a high school dropout who boozez heavily with young girls on London club scene. In usa she is not legal. Hmmm he is weird. Ever notice his exes and four month wife have never said anything. Probably paid hush money. Bet all stuff he says in interviews is bs! I think he is a closet gay! He and his Dad fought over something his Dad did not approve of. This little girl has no intellectual, sexual or emotional maturity. He will dump her once she goes home. He once said he did not want to be douche in tabloids as they don't get the good job. Well guess he is now ultimate douche. He is losing a lot of fans over this. He is a liar and a pedophile. She is ugly as sin. Zoe is a true woman and gorgeous. She and Renee probably could tell a few good yarns about this weasel. Heard he beat Jennifer Esposito. Something off with thois loser. Never will he get lead man status again.ever notice when these dudes become douches they get zero recognition for their work. Man he looks like a weasel in many pics with his beady eyes and weird looks.




Bradley Cooper with 20-year-old British Model Suki Waterhouse Dating HOT pictures REVEALED! Rather ironic that he's dating a 20 year old when he recently denied rumors of romance with Jennier Lawrence citing that, at 22, he was "old enough to be her father". Clearly he's changed his mind. Men can be so pathetic.

@ Andoson

Right because women are so righteous and virtuous. Oh wait....