Selena Gomez: Single and So Happy!

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Selena Gomez made her third talk show appearance of the week last night.

After telling David Letterman she made Justin Bieber cry, and then singing an ode to Mario Kart with Jimmy Fallon, the actress chatted up Chelsea Handler alongside Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

And while the stars made the host feel old by discussing their penchant for rap (below), one quote from Selena will likely stand out from the rest.

Asked if she's happy being single, Gomez replied: "Yes, I really am."

Ouch. Sorry, Justin Bieber.


Not one but TWO hot beauties! I find it impossible not to stare---and try to remember to blink from time-to-time,LOL! I found I had that same problem earlier tonight when I went to see 'Spring Breakers' with both of these Stunners blazing up the screen! While I certainly relate more to Vanessa's character(Candy),I find that I applaud Selena's character(Faith) for sending the positive message of 'Stand by your own convictions. Don't let even your Best friends(that you think you know) lead you down a path when you can FEEL the trouble that's coming!' Even with lots of 'T&A'(which I am a huge fan of,LOL!)this is about the only Spring Break flick that doesn't end all sunshine & roses. And for several that I've either seen or knew personally---this is a much more accurate depiction. It's real easy,when you decide to cut-loose,to go way to far,way to fast! And at Spring Break(trust me,I lived in Panama City beach,Fla.for a few years in the 90's)it's even easier to do than most places or situations(not counting Cancun,now that Mexico is one huge Killing Field situation). The movie is a little strange, and could've been better in places,but,overall with the message---I give it a huge 'Thumbs-up' and maybe a 'gold-star' or two...
Good to hear that being single doesn't hold you down in any way,Sel'! I happen to appreciate a woman who can stand on her own leg's(especially when they're as Hot as yours,LOL!) That takes Moxy in this day-and-age. That means you would've went far in life,even if you hadn't become famous---SWEEEEET! LOL! Later all; Hollywood---out.


don't hook up with anyone until you're 25 years young.

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