Selena Gomez on The Late Show: I Made Justin Bieber Cry!

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Selena Gomez appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night - and the actress brought her A game!

Asked by the host whether she's still dating Justin Bieber, Selena replied quite simply: "I'm single."

And is she okay with that? "I'm so good," Gomez said.

Later on, Letterman recalled a time he had Bieber on as a guest and relayed a story about how he made Justin cry. Selena's quick response?

"That makes two of us."

Cue hearty laughter from Letterman and even a fist bump. Watch for yourself:

On a different note, for a look at Selena's new movie and what it's all about (or not about), follow the link to check out our Spring Breakers review!


LOL! This is Hilarious!! Good one,Sel'!! LOL! That's the way to separate,doll! In truth,the only thing I like about JB is the way he gave grievance of loss of fans who had cancer,and Leukemia,and the ones he visited to begin with...Other than that,I don't think there's really any substance to the lad. There's just nothing there for me to like...
Selena on the other hand,well---that's a completely different story...She knows how to give of herself in many ways. She's been one of the top spokespeople for UNICEF for at least the last half decade. This special girl(excuse me---young woman)bought a whole island just for homeless and rescue dogs to have a place to live! And we won't even get into charities that Selena has been involved with(besides the aforementioned UNICEF)because I might wear out my fingers typing,LOL! I list this just for those who are wondering(and hating)on Selena,like @amk. Speaking of which,@amk; You can squash all that "She isn't even that pretty" crap--Selena G. is,in my opinion,one of the most Gorgeous 'Latina's( as you put it)since Eva Mendes! Definitely HOT! So take your bitter 'hater-ade' some place else! Cause it sure doesn't sell,when you try to serve it on Sel'---LOL! Later all; Hollywood---out...


I would like to touch on her.


What is so great about Selena Gomez? She is nothing but an average looking Latina that got fame from starring in Wizards of Waverly Place. I have seen far prettier and more beautiful and talented Latinas than her. I wouldn't make a big deal out of her neither should Justin. I am not a Justin Bieber fan but he really needs to get over her. She is not hot shit at all. There are girls and women who are far prettier than she ever will be.

@ amk

Lol what does beauty even have to do with it? And tell that to the boy himself. Thank you for your opinion that is sadly not fully relevant to the subject.

@ amk

If u'r not fan Selena or Bieber why do u giving u'r opinion than?Just shut up! Amk

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