Justin Bieber: Mocked by David Letterman!

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Hey, David Letterman: pick on someone your own age!

The Late Show host welcomed Justin Bieber to his program last night and gave the 18-year a very hard time about his tattoos, considering Justin just got a fresh one that reads "Believe" across his left arm.

"Don't go nuts," Letterman advised, regarding Bieber's influx of ink. "Because more and more you see like the mural ... like the Sistine Chapel, it's too much."

It's okay, Justin replied, he's "not going for the Sixteenth Chapel look."

Ouch. Major history faux pas! Watch the exchange now and Letterman's mockery of Canadian high school in response to Bieber's flub:

Sorry Justin isn't an art history buff, David Letterman! The guy is spending too much time helping the dreams of cancer patients come true, alright!


Letterman, like many talk show hosts, does not know how to interview young people. To make Justin uncomfortable was totally not called for. Very bad for Dave; Bieber held up well in spite.


david was just being a complete ass....


I highly doubt Dave will be jealous of this kid until HE has managed to last more than three decades in the business. Art history buff? How about artist? That's kind of like the author of this drivel having no knowledge of literature.


Letterman was doing his childish routine (spraying water on people passing the theatre, etc). His "money-counting" routine was silly and I am exremely pleased that Beiber would not participate because it made him "feel uncomfortable." Beiber does a lot for his fans and Dave is the REAL money-grubber, taking home a large paycheck for acting like an ass. I am 63 and have watched Dave for his whole career; I've had enough of his silliness.


Not defending Letterman here, but you don't have to be an art history major to know about the Sistine Chapel. That's third grace history. I guess Bieber has always been busy with other things to get a basic education, as he's proven time and time again that he lacks fundamental knowledge. Not saying everyone has to be a genius, but this kid seems to be lacking the basics.


Sixteenth Chapel?! His mother should be ashamed of herself. This boy is completely uneducated.


letterman is an old jealous man. he acted like a fool, grabing justines arm (with fresh tatoo), then making fun of him. shows letterman is jealous. he has had so many stupid guess (who are big stars) and let them slide. wait until his kid is 18 (and someone treats him badly), but i guess he will be perfect.

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