Sean Lowe Gushes Over Catherine Giudici, Previews DWTS "Reveal"

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The Bachelor's Sean Lowe says he's in it to win it on Dancing With the Stars, and credits fiancee Catherine Giudici with keeping him in the groove.

"I couldn't ask for a better fiancee, because she's understanding that I have to put it in a lot of hours here but she's rooting for me," he told E! News.

Sean Lowe, Rose

"She's in my corner. She's going to be in the front row cheering me on."

Sean's DWTS debut will be the first time she's seen him dance, too.

"I want it to be a big reveal," Lowe says of his performance tonight.

"She keeps asking for me to show her clips on my iPhone and stuff, but I just want her to wait and for her jaw to drop and go, 'Woah, where did Sean learn how to do that?!'"

As for his routine, Sean promises there will be an "attention-grabber."

All we can hope is that DWTS continues The Bachelor's gratuitous displays of Sean Lowe shirtless, right ladies? Keep your fingers crossed. Crossed hard.

While Sean is busy at rehearsals, Catherine Giudici has been hard at work planning their upcoming wedding ... to the extent that ABC will let her, anyway.

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe: Will it last?


He is businessman in Dallas. He's not a real insurance broker. He owned a big furniture shop called the factory girl. The couple are happy and and looking forward for their future. Catherine is independent and brought up by a Filipino mum, like me it's very conservative so whatever happens we just wish them the best. And let them enjoy what they have.


Each time Sean is ask about Catherine, he responds with the same spill just as he did with each of the girls on the bachelor. It makes me wonder who is he trying to convince...himself or us. Is he even employed, by the way. I've heard insurance and furniture. Insurance means servicing clients and starting a new business takes an unusual amount of time. Could it be, they will both simply float around the country, looking for FUN & EXCITEMENT and talk about how good thinks used to be. I just read they can't decide where to seattle down..Sean was very firm about staying in his hometown on the bachelor. How easily & quickly he changes his mind. You girls from the bachelor that went home are the forunate missed a bullet stright to your heart.

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