Scooter Braun on Justin Bieber: He's Great!

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Justin Bieber is doing just fine, thanks.

So says the man who may know the singer best.

In light of Bieber's apparent meltdown - he passed out on stage in London, then cursed off a reporter, then canceled a concert in Portugal - Scooter Braun was asked about his client/friend by E! News and replied:

Justin Bieber in Lisbon

"There's nothing wrong with him. He's in a great place."

Braun, who was approached by the outlet at SXSW, said the Lisbon event had been axed awhile ago due to technical issues and "ut has nothing to do with anything other than that"

"Tell everyone Justin is good," Braun said. "Really good."


LC can you please send me a Bieber gram!! Long form!>Twitter!


Jay-Z net worth is 475 million at (43)/Beyonce is 300 million at (31) for a total of 775 million.
Justin Bieber worth is 150 million at (19) mid 2013, and should be at over 200 million at the end of 2013. Selena! You needs to put your ass in gear girl!!


Justin Bieber is displaying a lack of social norms, unstable emotions, erratic behavior, smoking pot in Amesterdam. It is the same old story. During the 1980's
Sean Penn (Mr Maddona) abused and lashed out at press photographers, he knew that they were not in a position to defend themselves. It is a stunt to look mean and tough to the fans. Penn and Bieber must go to a downtown Los Angeles bar room and get tough. Hitting on soft targets don't make you bad ass dudes. Scooter Braun is in the process of trying to rebrand Bieber from a child to a adult entertainer.
It is that obvious.


ofcourse he would say this about biebery: HE IS OWNING HIM MONEY!!(alot)


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