Porsha Williams Divorce Filing: Pay Me!

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It is officially - and legally - on between Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart.

Following the latter's unexpected divorce filing this week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has fired back at her estranged husband via her very own set of court documents.

Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart

And they counter Stewart's claim that Williams is not entitled to spousal support because she's capable of earning her own income. In what way?

Porsha says her professional opportunities were set back when she quit her job and sold her business to care for Kordell's child from another woman.

She is therefore seeking alimony and sole use of the couple's Atlanta home.

According to Williams' attorney, his client did not want to file papers because Stewart had promised he would work on his marriage with her.

But with that vow broken, it's all about to get even uglier than Stewart's career completion percentage as an NFL quarterback.


he is not good for the bad people


Porsha may not realize it yet, but she is fortunate to be away from this jerk. Most men that are a control freak to the point Kordell is have big insecurity problems. Your marriage was not a Team effort, it was Kordell's way, or the highway.


Kordell is, was, and will always be a jerk. Porsha tried to make her marriage work and because Kordell thinks he's the stuff, all he needed to do was show up, Jerk, Jerk Jerk!
I feel sad for Porsha


I knew this marriage wasn't going to last. He is too controlling. I'm glad she finally saw him for what he is. He is a complete douche bag!!!.


She might as well get that money...wit NO pre-nup!?!?


money isn't eveyting..............BUT MONEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.