Lindsey Vonn: I'm Dating Tiger Woods!

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Lindsey Vonn has confirmed she is dating Tiger Woods.

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    another disgusting money grubbing pig


    I have been giving some thought to this matter. I think that this whole thing is part of a massive campaign to rebuilt Tigers image, regain the public favor, new sponsors and more revenues! I read the appearance fees some countries were paying Tiger have decreased since his appeal abroad went down hill after his sex cheating scandal!!! They tried to use Elin and the children; hence the multi-million dollars proposal for remarrying that was reported by The Enquirer! Elin did not accept! When this failed they went with Lindsey Vonn who seems willing to do anything for publicity and money! Even sleep with a serial liar and cheater like Tiger Wood! They are both truly pathetic! Tiger has not changed! He is still an arrogant and self centered individual who only cares about himself and his pleasure!


    Another white female who will help populate the world with more black Africans.

    Glad i don't have daughters. White females will end western civilization sooner or later. No wonder the left love this kind of stuff.


    Alice you know how stupid you sound? Really black or white... It's only a color honey. Dumb ass uneducated people. It's doesn't matter how your raised your going to believe in what you want and become who your want.


    To u Tiger u got another woman white or blk don't care. At a point in ur life guys put a hat on it so they can stop taken ur money. The next thing if u going to have more then one. Keep it open and don't let them move in but cheat ing n ur prenup that they get nothing but a set amount. And let that be that


    Now I want to believe a white person wrote this not a blk person. Why because his mother raise a dam fool, because everybody know ur blk mother and fathers don't teach us that.


    Tiger xwife was a nanny and his so call friend introduce them. My point she new how to sleep around get pregnant and less then a year the marriage a child. Now she going with the neighbor that's 53. Believe she been going with him. She just going up the money ladders.


    I am glad that finally Tiger and Elin have moved on!!! I still think that Elin is the winner!!! Tiger has serious issues and I wish LV good luck with him!!! Yeah, there is no worst fool than one who cannot see what is in plain sight... What I find interesting is the fact that Tiger and LV went public after the media announced Elin was dating Chris Cline!!! It looks like LV is willing to put up with anything for the sake of MONEY$$$$!


    get checked for bugs, beyotch!


    She couldn't find any decent white athletes to date ? Really??????????????????????? Hmm shez a tramp n a hoe

    @ proudblkwoman

    Now what make u think white is any better. Have u read the news or maybe even listen. Oh no u got stuip for a dam brain u klan member.

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