Tiger Woods Text Messages to Joslyn James: Angry, Dirty, Nasty Stuff

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Tiger Woods mistress/porn star Joslyn James did as advertised and posted over 100 sexy text messages that Tiger allegedly sent her on her website earlier today.

The topics? Choking, threesomes, golden showers, etc.

Standard fare for Tiger Woods these days apparently.

We're starting to get an idea of why Elin Woods is supposedly so irate over Tiger's dalliances with Joslyn James, even though he had a dozen other mistresses.

Her site, Sexting Joslyn James (really) includes texts from the golfer saying:

  • I am going to make you my whore.
  • I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.
  • I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you.
  • Have you ever had a golden shower done to you? ... just morbid curiosity.
  • You are my f**king whore. Hold you down while I choke you.
Joslyn James Picture
Tiger Woods Fist Pump

PLAYING ALL THE HOLES: Just when we thought Tiger Woods couldn't be more of a depraved individual, a mistress comes forward with text messages about golden showers.

Interestingly, Joslyn James omitted the texts she sent back to Tiger, so it's impossible to know the context or what she said that may have egged the superstar on.

Then again, that golden shower one seemed pretty unprovoked. Just saying.

And then there's this, on September 8, 2009: "Having a few issues at home. Might be a little later before I see you tonight ... parent hood melt down :)" Cute.

The last message, dated October 4, 2009, says, "Don't f**king talk to me. You almost just ruined my life. If my agent and these guys had seen you ... F**k!"

Woods was allegedly livid because J-squared snaked into Tiger's hotel room in Las Vegas that morning while Tiger entertained investors from Dubai.

When he returned to the room ... she was still in the room. He was not happy.

No word on whether she was able to make it up to him somehow ...


To: harvard negroes are all dumb Tell me Einstein, what community college did you attend to steep yourself in such racism. I am sure it wasn't an ivy League school.


I hope Tiger realizes now that they were all in it for the book or other monetary deal and they were not interested in him as a man. Everybody has to learn sometime.


So what if he sent sexy text messages to his then "mistress". Dont we all have our sexual fantasies which we wish could come through, some even more "kinky" than those of Tiger Woods? I have only one thing to say about that woman who revealed those private chats "What a bitch!"


i don't know why harvard picks the dumbest negroes they can find to attend their college. he is not only dumb, but depraved, and ignorant. i don't blame that girl for ratting him out. asking to use her like that just cause he can put a ball in the hole.


Wiow, if those really are texts from him, he's quite the romantic! [insert shudder here]


Gross. I just threw up a little bit.


Regardless of what she says, he is the biggest loser - maybe he can clean up his act...and he should....but he doesn't get a free ride thru his second chance. He has to prove it and earn it....and he is a LONG way from that. He can have my support in about 5 years when he shows he has REALLY changed his ways. So far, this has been way too easy for him.


Spare me the sympathy for Tiger Woods . Yes he is a great great golfer , but he is also a great great cheater and liar to his wife and children. Character wise he is trash, and a control freak with a giant bank account.


tiger is so naive.texting his fantasies and kinky sex just shows how young and idealistic he is. a more sophisticated man would never have text such comments. a more sophisticated person would have known that he would simply be inviting chaos. And this BB e-mailed this porno? Who has tiger's back? Who has any sence? Hasn't anyone ever heard that you don't leave a trail? Not for grubby,money-hungry attention seeking crazies to cash in on. I'm 65yrs old, a female and a widow of 26 years. Whatever happened to plain old common sense. Poor tiger and poor elin. My heart goes out to them both.


please spare the greatest, enough is enough. jj is none but media hungry, moneymaking, sex slave.no point taking the laundry now. it should stop. Tiger, comeback comeback to golf course ASAP.

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