Lindsay Lohan on Rehab: Hey, Beats Jail, But I Still Don't Have a Problem!

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Lindsay Lohan is totally scared of jail and as such, accepted a plea deal with rehab as an alternative to the big house for the next 90 days (or more).


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    What are they going to do when she leaves rehab early? She's done it before, time and again, and they're risking her life by cutting her breaks all the time. Prosecutor and Judge, GROW A PAIR and put this woman in the slammer for long enough to get her clean and sober.


    Put this White trash in jail! She belongs there! It is sad that she is allowed to even be out I the world!


    She nothing but a heroin addict,hooker,lying thief, cracken. She will pay for it in the near future. Mybe the cracken will Fuck up in NY. I'm sure the courts will not tolerate her crackie bullshit. Fuck the bitch!


    Why does this Brat keep getting breaks from the courts.She has violated her probation,been in a hit and run car crash and who knows what else?? Then the courts slap her hand and do nothing.If she had been any other normal American she would have been in jail.This little Brat needs to do at least 6 months in a county detention center with Bertha Butt and the Butt sisters then she would learn her lesson.Until such time as the courts start to treat each person equally there wil be no real justice system!!!

    @ Jim Parker

    I AGREE. She is only allowed to be out in the streets because she is White and has money. If this White trash was a Black woman, that bitch would have gotten 30 years in prison!

    @ Jim Parker

    Dude...I totally agree with you!!!!! Also, I think that it's all pointless (or whatever)...that loony whack job LiLo herself will NEVER learn her lesson. She's been out of control for W-A-Y too long. And, those enabling parents of hers are no better...nothing but HORRIBLE parents/HORRIBLE role models. Yikes. Very, very dumb as hell!!!!!

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