Lindsay Lohan: "Colossal Pain in the Ass" on Anger Management Set

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Lindsay Lohan has wrapped her guest stint on Anger Management.

As far as the cast and crew are concerned, not a moment to soon.

Hung Over

An on-set source tells E! News that by the time Lohan was finished on Charlie Sheen's FX comedy, the consensus was that it was not worth the effort.

Despite her talent, "she was a colossal pain in the ass ... it's a shame, because when she actually gets on camera she is good and has comedic timing."

"But she comes with so much luggage it's not worth it."

"The first day was fine," notes the insider, who adds that LiLo's pal Sheen himself shares the crew's sentiment. "She showed up early and did her job."

But "from the moment she arrived yesterday she did nothing but hold up the [show]. She sat in her trailer and stall until she up and left for her boyfriend's concert."

That would be Avi Snow, who's dating Lindsay somehow.

The source says Lohan "held everyone hostage" and that producers at one point got "so pissed they almost called police to escort her" off the set.

Of course, Lindsay's latest Tweet tells another story:

"I just had such a wonderful day on set of #angermanagement with @charliesheen & @LIGHTAARON @SaveTheSociety @jazejazz7 and the entire crew!"

A rep for Sheen, who has been her tax savior, and whose scenes with Lohan included a snuggly bedroom encounter, had no comment on this story.


This girl needs someone who takes care of her. She doesn't have a clue, she seems depressed, and media and law enforcement are against her. She completed her community service well the last time, but now she looks worn out and doesn't know where to turn. Her parents are obviously not pillars of strength and common sense, and what friends are left sound shifty. She needs a total change of scenery. Someone, help her.


I don't understand why every1 keeps giving her chances. She thinks her shit don't stink. She is nothing but a d or f actor & the way she acts on sets is crazy cause she thinks she's a "star". Enough already if they stop giving her the work, maybe she'll take the hint & go away.


😈The Passion of the Lohan😇


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