Kris Jenner to Kim Kardashian: Watch It!

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Remember a few weeks ago? When Kim Kardashian hinted that her life journey might take her in a direction that does NOT include her family's reality show?

And how we all laughed at the prospect of Kim attempting any kind of real career?

Well, Kris Jenner did not find her daughter's remarks to be funny. At all.

Kimye Abroad

“After hearing that Kim dissed the family empire in a magazine interview, Kris flipped out and called a summit at her office,” a source tells to The National Enquirer.

As the manager of all her children, Jenner receives a 10 percent cut of all their deals, while also banking a pretty penny from E!.

So she reportedly made it very clear to Kim that she dare not hint again at leaving the reality show empire behind.

Moreover, Jenner is allegedly trying to expand her professional reach. She wants to take Kim Kardashian baby daddy Kanye West on as a client.

“She said she would be willing to start out representing him in new endorsements and his personal life as it pertains to the reality shows," this insider said, adding that "Kanye politely declined, as he is extremely happy with his current manager, agent, etc.”

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Kris Jenner to Kim Kardashian: Watch It!
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Good luck!


The fact that this site would pass along something from the National Enquirer as truth is really, really, really sad. They are the biggest liars, doing what they do best, separating a family. I'd be willing to bet this is bogus. For the record, Kim never said she was leaving, she has speculated that she might be taking time off after the baby is born. You do see the difference, correct? Also, I'll bet Kim works much harder than the people who do this site. Kim's a businesswoman, having contributed greatly to our economy.


Just watch and wait. Kris will soon assimilate Kanye into the Klan and he will be castrated (Kastrated?) just like Bruce and Rob. Run, Kanye, Run!


Kim u are one of my fan.i watch all ur reality show.i wish i can see but when i tell people they make jest of dat it impossible.i feel when dey jest of me.


Twat can't act ratings ate down
GOOD! go off the air and


And we are suppose to believe the National Enquirer! Again this is just PR for their show. Ratings are down so they will say or do anything. MB