Kate Gosselin Claims Guy is Impersonating Her on Twitter, May Have "Panties in a Wad"

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Kate Gosselin is always beefing with someone, and sure enough, she's gotten involved in a new Twitter feud ... with a man with the last name Gosselin.

The reality star is demanding that she change it immediately.

An irate Kate Tweeted recently at Carlos Gosselin:


“@RealCGosselin it is illegal to impersonate people on twitter etc. please change your ID and email immediately. Thank you. @Support”

Carlos Gosselin hit back at the reality show mom:

“@Support hey can you tell Kate Gosselin to take accept that there are other people with the same last name. She may have her panties in a wad.”


Carlos continued, “So I woke up to this and laughed my ass. Not only that. But it made my whole morning complete. Let me put it up in a picture.”

He added a photo of himself with the caption, “Love you mom.”

He hasn’t changed his name or his email address, either.

Kate is far from pleased with the situation, responding:

“The per impersonating my child (@CGosselin) tweeted ‘love you mom’ 2me. Whether he really has last name or not, it’s impersonation w that tweet!”

"And if it was meant as a joke to me, then I missed the joke - busy being a mom and am CONSTANTLY dealing w ppl impersonating my children! :/”

Sure you are Kate. We know you never overreact at all.


Kate is completely in love with her self to comprehend that someone else can have the same last name as her. Listen lady, get a life!!! Stop looking for TV or Fame to provide for your children. Get a job, work nine to five, pay real bills (not tanning, nails, hair bills), get rid of the nannies and spend some quality time with your children. THAT IS ALL THEY WANT FROM YOU! Stop acting like you are all that cause honey you aren't!


How does she figure he is impersonating, his is (@CGosselin) hers is probably @KGosselin, or something like that, so how can he be impersonating her. ????


I dont know about now but she PROUDLY stated in season 4 of her show that her kids received health insurance through CHIP which is equivalent to medicaid in the state of Pennsylvania. So at that point, they were in the process of buying the very expensive house they live in now, they were living off tge government ( taxpayers money).


I think Kate should stop being self centered and get a job. She was a nurse before the show.


B it ch you're not that important. You think ppl talk s h i t about you and your family? Maybe you should have thought about that, before selling and exploiting your children for easy money. We've all heard from you about how difficult it is to raise this many kids as a single parent. Guess what? You knew the risk's involved with in vitro, and chose to do it anyway. STFU, about how hard your life is, when you have good money at your disposal. It gives you more time for new boobs, botox, lipo (a lot of it), tanning, hair, nails...etc


First she says the person is impersonating her. Then she says they're impersonating one of her kids. C'mon stupid Kate - people can have the same name as you or one of your kids and not be impersonating you or them. Get a grip, oh insane woman!!!


Someone PLEASE slap this stupid c*nt!


OMG I Cant stand this woman. WHO the hell does she think she is? I am glad that Carolos didnt take his name down. Weather its the first initial of her kid or not. What does she care anyway she said that the kids dont have computer access w/ their own E mails etc.. She is pathological.


I think Kate does anything to stay in the public eye. Why doesn't she just raise those beautiful children and focus on brining up well-rounded, and loved children. Not everything is about her....maybe her children have opinions about her whining all the time on TV.....


Hey Kate you skank.........You get a job yet or you still living of my state and federal dollars??

@ Keith

Not a Kate fan by a long shot, but she's not living off state or federal dollars of anyone. She lives off of money put into a "corporation" for her children that the Commonwealth of PA required her and Jon to do when they started getting $$$ from the first reality show. Why did you think they were getting YOUR state and federal dollars? Talk about Kate being self-centered. Methinks you have a touch of that yourself Keith.

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