Jodi Arias Voicemail: Killer Leaves Message For Travis Alexander AFTER Stabbing Him

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Jodi Arias left a cheerful voicemail, and sent both a text message and a long email to Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008 ... after she had killed him.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez showed this to the jury Thursday in ending his cross-examination of Jodi Arias, who is charged with first-degree murder.

Jodi Arias in Court

On the upbeat voicemail Arias left hours after leaving Alexander’s body in his shower, she shot the breeze for a bit, then invited him to see Othello with her.

"Let me know. Talk to you soon. Bye!” she concluded.

Martinez did his best to drive home the impact of these messages. “Did you send it so he could reach you from the grave?” he asked her sarcastically.

Arias claims she killed Alexander self-defense.She cried often during the day’s session, with Martinez meticulously trying to poke holes in her claims.

The prosecutor also showed a dramatic flair, once again leaning on the interview Arias gave 48 hours for maximum impact to prove Arias was lying.

“No jury is going to convict me because I’m innocent and you can mark my words… no jury is going to convict me,” Arias said during that interview.

Several photos of Alexander’s body were shown during Thursday’s proceedings and Arias broke down in tears. Martinez, meanwhile, recited all of her lies.

While debate will revolve around the question if Arias’ tears were real or staged, the defendant spent more of the day apparently more rattled than ever.

Guiding Arias through Alexander’s last minutes of life, the prosecutor closed the morning session with these powerful questions:

  • “Were you crying when you were shooting him?
  • “Were you crying when you were stabbing him?
  • “When you cut his throat, were you crying?”

She faces the death penalty if convicted.

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Witch is gonna rot in her new home. She aint gonna walk out of prison stupid. Guilty.

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Casey has such a great life now, doesn't she? NOT!! Both Casey andxspecially Jodi sold their souls to the Devil in order to get the things they wanted. Lucifer will come to collect his debt very soon!! And when he demands payment, he He WILL get what's due!! This skank Jodi, planned to murder Travis, and did so in cold blood, while his back was to him, all just because she was jealous that he was gonna get serious with someone else!! She'll get convicted, put to death!! I don't think anyone is an asshole for believing the facts of the case, that this whore lied over and over again, then sling shit over Travis' grave by making up all the dirty stuff that she was complicit in!! She'll pay dearly,if not now by conviction, then later by the hand of her loyal god she worships, Lucifer, the angel of HELL!!

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