Happy 34th Birthday, Adam Levine!

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He's never not on the radio.

He's gotten a lot of ink. And girls.

He wears $120 pre-ripped t-shirts.

He's as outspoken as he is talented.

It's Adam Levine's birthday, everybody!

Adam Levine Tattoos

The Maroon 5 singer turns 34 years old today. If you haven't gotten your Levine fix from AHS Season 2 or any radio station in the U.S., we have good news:

The Voice Season 4 kicks off next Monday!

Usher and Shakira will be stepping in for Cee Lo and Christina, but Adam and BFF Blake Shelton will be back and, presumably, more entertaining than ever.

We can't wait. And happy birthday, Adam!

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Adam Levine on The Voice
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can't stand his voice, or him for that matter. there's a difference between banging out a few catchy tunes on an $500 synthesizer from "guitar center" that you know most idiots will like - and therefore buy - and true talent.

Kandi lee hartsuyker

Its my birthday too! Happy Birthday Adam!


happy birthday Adam From a Lost cousin I'm from cousin's Robert , Richard and Fredrick. My Uncle Fritz we called. Lost a lot of family not staying in Contact with any of them.


I hope you have the very best birthday!! Happy Birthday Adam :)


I love Adam


i love adam levine


he is a talent-less jewish homo hack....


So sexy! So awesome and hot never change who you are that's the sexist thing!!!!


so now people won't call him a F*ggot any longer.

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