Duck Dynasty Season 4: Stalled Due to Contract Negotiations

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Basking in the glow of unbelievably high ratings, there's little doubt that Duck Dynasty will return for a fourth season on A&E.

But first the camouflaged, bearded stars of this unexpected smash would like to make a request: SHOW US THE MONEY!

Duck Dynasty Promo Photo

Based around the Robinson family, Duck Dynasty is the second most-popular show on cable (behind The Walking Dead) and, as a result, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that each member of the group now wants more than $200,000 per episode.

Producer Dierdre Gurney touched on the salary standoff this week at Hollywood Radio & Television Society luncheon, telling journalists on hand "there are two main factors at play" and expounding:

"One is social media. They want immediate feedback about themselves. The second is promotional appearances, the fees for which will always out-weigh their show money."

It's unclear what the future holds for A&E and these duck callers, but Gurney seems to understand the dilemma.

"When a show blows up, the stars benefit. If not, they don't feel cheated."

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I love si he is so fun on duck dynasty and like his tea cup and he carry his big think of tea


America is tired of the absolute junk on every station. Life is stressful enough without haveing to watch it all night too. Even the commercials are junk, not everyone like to see filth. Take a hint producers....I think the people have spoken.


We all know that other stars get far more than this per show. These men have worked hard and have earned millions for A&E. A&E needs to stop trying to get out of doing what is right, and give the Robertsons what they deserve.


hey pay them or lose to a different network im sure that any other network will pick them and laugh all the way to the bank it would be sad if you (a&e) were to lose the best damn show on tv today


Show them the money! There hasn't been a more entertaining show with such a positive influence on our young people in a long time. Quit censoring the spiritual thinking of the family and the the ratings will soar. We get tired of watching smut and violence.


I hope they can pay them the money I love the show


please try to come to a agreement i love this show it is a family show me and myfamily watch it everytime its in thank you the cone family


ROBERTSON Family, not Robinson Family.


I enjoy the show, however, their pockets have been greatly increased with personal appearances, sales of 'Duck Dynasty' sunglasses, duck calls, hey chains, bobble heads, etc., AND their pay for the show. Not to mention increase in their sales from their original business. Why become more greedy with wages from the show? If it had not been for the show, they wouldn't be a household name or brand. I think it sucks that people that have good shows and have benefited from it financially in every aspect become so greedy. None of them are hurting for money, and none are professional actors. All of these reality shows are scripted. Therefore they aren't really 'reality'. I love the show, but.....I have lost respect for them if all of this is true.

@ Faith

They want more money because they can get it. If you do your job well enough to receive a raise, wouldn't you want it? It doesn't matter how much a person makes, they always want to make more. From the minimum wage worker all the way up to Bill Gates, everyone wants more money. If you disagree with this statement, let me know the next time you get a raise. I'll give you my address so you can send your raise to me, you know, since you don't want more money than you currently make.

@ Faith

Faith, you took the exact words from me. I couldn't have put it any better than this. I just became a fan of Duck Dynasty just a few months ago, even watched the first and second season just to be caught up. So for them to be in "negotiations" with A&E, they don't realize that just as easily as they made them, it's even easier to break them.


HEY!! Pay 'em the $$ Jack!! America loves DUCK DYNASTY!!