Coyote Shivers, Pauley Perrette Ex-Husband, Says NCIS Star of Framed Him, Boned Pizza Guy

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Francis "Coyote" Shivers, the ex-husband of NCIS star Pauley Perrette, says he dumped the 43-year-old actress after she slept with a pizza delivery man.

Shivers, who faces jail time for violating a restraining order, also says she's living the plot of an unsold film script she wrote and framing him with cops.

Pauley Perrette o NCIS

Perrette and Shivers married in 2000, separated in 2004 and divorced in 2006. She's been locked in a legal battle with him off and on ever since.

Friends of Shivers says Pauley isn't the innocent victim in all of this.

“She’s extremely extroverted, extremely intelligent and charming, but she’s wicked,” Jason Fishbein, who says he was a close friend of Perrette, said.

Fishbein described in court papers how the actress, one of prime time's most popular, “possibly uses restraining orders as a method of harassment.”

Another former friend claims Perrette “has a history of vindictive behavior” toward ex-flames, according to a court affidavit, and none more so than Shivers.

Lisa Lynch says Perrette was treated in the psych ward at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. for “an extended period,” according to court papers.

In 2005, Perrette sought a restraining order against Shivers, a musician and DJ, for sending frightening e-mails and “intercepts her private e-mails.”

A judge issued the order based on a “history of emotional abuse.” Renewed several times, it directs Shivers to stay away from his famous ex.

But in a bizarre new twist, Shivers claims in court papers that Perrette is living out her screenplay, titled “Star Crazy,” which outlines steps for vengeance:

  1. “Stalk him”
  2. “Schmooze police”
  3. “Get restraining order”

“For years, I’ve been saying this was going to happen ... in court documents, in police reports,” Coyote Shivers told The NY Post. “And, finally, it has.”

Shivers got into trouble in 2009 for violating the restraining order after sending e-mails to Perrette’s lawyer, who called them “annoying electronic communication.”

He was busted last April for violating the order again when he and Perrette ended up in the same LA sushi eatery, one he often tweeted about.

He was convicted last month and is facing up to a year in prison during sentencing Wednesday. Shivers has his own dark past, say Pauley supporters.

His first wife, Bebe Buell, a musician and the mother of actress Liv Tyler, called Shivers “dangerous ... this is not a fabrication on the part of [Perette] at all."


Their both crazy and deserve each other ..judge should lock them both up in the same cell for 3mo..


Unbelievable. It's disgusting that you even give this monster a voice. His abuse and harassment of women is well documented outside of Pauley's case. Funny how the same dbag has similar complaints against him from other women. Guess they're all lying, right? Bah! Piss poor journalism.


I think she's the one guilty. California courts are bought off.


I know both of them.... Coyotee for years always attracted crazy women.
Pauly is crazy. Now in documents she admited to stalking and planing it all.
I didnt like coyotee for a while but I Hate crazy chics and paulie is craaaazy!


They actually allow that scumbag and his friends to talk. It is America, I know, but like the person below said, "poor sociopath".




She may have been serially molested as a child and transferring that anger and projecting her shame at enjoying it to Coyote.

@ Linnea Shannon

You cant even write an accurate sentence and we are to believe your drivel? "her shame at enjoying it to" Wow. Just. Wow. Go post on National Enquirer, They will welcome you.


Yeah, it's all her. That is why she had to move out of her house. Why he has broken into her other residences. Why the (also crazy) first wife had these EXACT same issues with him, and continues to have them to this day! He has always tried to lie and put it on them. Poor sociopath, no one understands him. I suppose he'll say SHE sent those threatening e-mails to her own attorney, next?


Shivers is a sociopath. Pauley is the victim here. Anything that comes out of Shivers mouth is a lie. He has a history of stalking women and then claiming he's the victim.



@ Pauley Escobar

Thanks for showing up, Francis. Leave women alone, you psycho! We know it's you, because it is exactly the same MO you have used in the past.

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