Rihanna and Chris Brown: Birthday, Bikini and Blunts in Hawaii!

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Rihanna and Chris Brown celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday with a romantic trip to Hawaii, where they were seen on the beach - with blunts, of course.

The duo was photographed holding hands during a stroll by the ocean, then snuggling by the surf ... and holding what would appear to be a blunt or two.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram Pic

The "Stay" songstress donned pink bikini bottoms, concealed only slightly by a mesh cover-up skirt, plus a black tank-top covering up her bikini top.

In an Instagram photo she shared, Rih sits on Chris' lap in a bikini top and skirt, grinning mischievously in sunglasses and giant hoop earrings.

"#Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior," she captioned the pic.

Certainly seems like Rihanna and Chris Brown had a good day.

"#epic day already, I woke up to sunshine in paradise and #STAY done jumped 54 spots to #3 on the BillboardHot100!!" she wrote to her 28 million followers.

"Walked up into #2013 like I owned a ho."

Rihanna and Brown have evidently ended a minor tiff from last week, when they were reportedly "not on speaking terms" during a night at club Playhouse.

"She refused to sit with or even near him," a witness explained. "When she noticed he was there, she made a huge show of rubbing her presence in his face."

One potential reason for Rihanna's anger: Brown attended another bash last week with another woman - his ex, Karrueche Tran. And so it goes, once again.

Anyway, all is right with their world right now.

Check out photos from their Hawaiian getaway below - including a bunch of new Twitter candids - and tell us what you think of them as a couple ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna in Hawaii
Rihanna and Chris Brown in Hawaii
Rihanna and Chris in Hawaii
Rihanna on Her Birthday
Rihanna and Chris Brown Chill in Hawaii
Sad Chris Brown
Rihanna Bikini Birthday Pic
Rihanna Bikini Photo in Hawaii
Rihanna in a Bikini Photo
Chris Brown, Rihanna Twitter Picture
Rihanna and Chris Brown Twitter Picture
Rihanna and Chris Brown on Twitter

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together: What's your take?


CBREEZY RIRI i see yall! im happy and proud for yall. FUCK everybody yappin and runnin they DICK SUCKERS! DO IT BIG THEN!


No seat belt! Safety first!


Good for them!


She has turned into a slutty attention whore, I guess that's what she wants, I for one am not clicking on any more of these.

@ wtf2

Why are you here then?


Smmfh. And this is the woman that some magazine in Britain imposed her face over Princess Diana's in a comparison suggesting they were similar. Can anyone imagine Princess Di or even Princess Kate doing what Rihanna does or being with anyone with even one of Brown's personality traits? If you can your elligable for a writing career with fantasy hate publications like that magazine but don't ever expect any credibility in your reporting. What they're doing is common practice for many people but it's the unlikeness of their association that baffles masses and columnists alike. Then yet again..isn't this natural behavior for hoodrats gone famous and desperate for more attention?


With the tobacco and alcohol they use, I bet they both stink. Rihanna knows what Chris is capable of. What happens from now on will be her own fault.

Shakes maphosa

please please leave those kids alone focus your problem at your place , with god grace they will prosper

@ Shakes Maphosa

They'd probably be left alone if they'd both stop posting pictures on Twitter, especially Rihanna posting nearly naked ones of herself so often. She doesn't want left alone; she wants to stay in the news.


may god give them power , peace , and have great live forever , those who hate chris and their please try to focus on your need and leave this kids alone


.....and "Flat Tyres".

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