Perez Hilton Adopts Baby: First Photo!

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In Perez Hilton news that has nothing to do with the celebrity gossip fiend falsifying a rumor or drawing a penis over the face of an actress... this controversial blogger is a new father!

"I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy - with lots of hair on his tiny head!" Perez just posted on his site.

"I am so humbled to welcome this little man into my life. And I am honored and ready for the challenge of guiding him through his."

Perez Hilton Baby

It's unknown whether the 34-year-old adopted or went with a surrogate, while Hilton did not reveal the child's name of birth date.

In addition to his website, Perez has grown into an author and television personality.

We've often taken issue with the way Hilton presents his stories, but leave it to an adorable baby to quash any feud between bloggers. We send this new father nothing but our best wishes.


Homos should not be allowed to have kids they are also disgusting pedophiles that should be stoned, this is Satan changing what God's will.


Uh no it doesn't squash anything! Who gave this person the right to have a child especially if it is adopted???


congs man

Janet burris papson

This is so unbelievable, that he has adopted a baby. My nephew and wife have been trying to adopt a baby for awhile and it has cost them a fortune and heartache. My nephew is enlisted in the Army and has served in Afghanastan for 5 tours and will be returning again in August. They are an outstanding couple and THEY deserve to have a child, not Perez Hilton, who will, I pray be a good father, but I feel wanted the baby as an accessory. Shame on the way the system works,

@ Janet Burris Papson

Who said this kid will be an accessory? It wasn't even confirmed that the child was adopted. Maybe he had a surrogate. Stop hating


Abe that's messed up to say

@ The Situation

it isnt bad to say this person should not be allowed to conceive let alone adopt!


why on earth F*GGOTS can only addopt boy's?
F*ggots can't deal difficulties.
making those boy's clear sperm is just there to swallow it or fill your anus with it?
make clear how kids are supposed to be made!!

@ abe

Abe, you are what is wrong with this world, people like you that are probably filled with homosexual feelings and thoughts and it scares you inside so instead of dealing with your own issues you project your hatred on to good people. Who I sleep with is none of your bussiness so why does who a gay person sleep with having anything in the world to do with you LOSER. A child deserves a safe and loving home, with a straight or gay person(s) but people like you would rather see a child in a drug addict, pedophile child abuser home just becuase your too much of a bigot to accept people for who they are. God created every living thing on this earth and he makes no mistakes right!!!!!! so what does that tell you, well I take that back I think he made one mistake when he made you. Anyhow funniest thing is you are saying gay parents make gay babies, did you miss that part in sex ed when we were taught that it takes a woman and a man to make a child, yep that's true buddy gay people come from straight people too. Grow up and learn to respect people or crawl back into your cave adn die.

@ Jess

It is unfortunate that babies are not able to make the choice of whom they want to be adopted by.


I hope his child teaches him to be a kinder, nicer Perez. Best wishes for a happy, healthy baby.


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@ jinkaz

I wil to have my baby pictur takeing.

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