Oprah Hit With Lawsuit; Sexual Discrimination Alleged at OWN

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Oprah Winfrey does not look out for her OWN.

At least not according to a new lawsuit accusing her and the network of sexual discrimination. A female exec claims she got the chop after getting pregnant!

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Carolyn Hommel says in her lawsuit, filed Friday, that she was hired in 2010 as senior director of scheduling and acquisitions at Oprah's OWN network.

Hommel claims she was told she was on track to become a Vice President with the organization, but says things changed when she became pregnant.

According to Hommel, her duties were slowly transferred to a temporary employee and she was excluded from meetings when she returned from medical leave.

At that point, Carolyn claims she was fired from OWN one month after giving birth and told to re-apply for the V.P. gig ... only to be turned down.

Moreover, Hommel claims her boss, Michael Garner, fabricated a performance review that "made Hommel's job duties and responsibilities appear less 'senior'."

The allegation is that the network retroactively tried to make her appear like a weaker candidate for the new vice president position than she was.

Bottom line, Hommel alleges the aforementioned conduct and her dismissal were a direct result of her becoming pregnant and thus requiring medical leave.

O has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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I am not surprised at all by this. I hear that (over the years) Oprah has been known to treat her employees like D-I-R-T. Oprah is such a media-attention H-O-G/power-hungry control freak. Very, very dumb as hell!!!!!


by any


she was just jealous..............THAT'S ALL, folks!!