Lil Wayne: I F--ked Chris Bosh's Wife (and F--k the Heat)!

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Lil Wayne absolutely went OFF at an NBA All-Star Weekend event Sunday, reiterating his claim that he was ejected from a Miami Heat game last week.

Moreover, the outspoken rapper told a Houston crowd that "The NBA banned me from all NBA events ... because the Miami Heat told them to ban me."

His version of events is highly debatable, but he's clearly not over it, urging his fans, "When I say f**k, you say NBA! When I say f**k, you say Miami Heat!"

"F**k LeBron. F**k She Wade. F**k Chris Bosh. F**k all y'all," he added, referring to the team's three stars ... oh, and also, "I f**ked Chris Bosh wife!"

Crickets? Cheers? A little of both?

It's unclear if Wayne has, in fact, made love to Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne. The star and the Heat have not commented on Weezy's outburst so far.

If you missed it, though Lil Wayne claimed last week that he got kicked out of American Airlines Arena for rooting for the visiting L.A. Lakers against the Heat.

Other reports suggested he got the boot for making a gun gesture at another fan; Heat officials said he left of his own volition. So ... it's in dispute.

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Chris Bosh, Wife

Bosh married Adrienne Williams in 2011; she gave birth to their son Jackson in 2012. He has a daughter, Trinity, by his ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis.


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I hate to see a star like Lil' Wayne coming against three famous stars like LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade.


What a vulgar little man.

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