Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Recap: Scott Puts the Moves on Khloe

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If you thought putting the moves on your girlfriend's sister after she just gave birth was out of bounds, you don't know these people - or their scripted show.

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    Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Recap: Scott Puts the Moves on Khloe
    The vid is HQ which makes me happy
    You are welcome)


    Everyone seems to feel that Kourtney was concerned about the kid when wanting to get a house. In all actually Kourtney was onlly concerned with herself cuz Scot should have been the one to go and rent a house and the burden not be put on Kim but since Kourtney is satisfied with Scott being home with the kids and never working Kourtney should be more willing to accept whatever since she is contented with having a man that does not provide for her.How does these GROWN PEOPLES PROBLEMS BECOME AND ISSUE FOR KIM. Quit the Reality TV show Kim. Your family members have entitlement issues

    @ jules

    My comment was meant for you. I'm so happy to see some people can see what the truth is. Kim get's the brunt from all of them and the countless haters, which is not fair.


    "Kim needs to stop filming reality TV with her family" Woah Woah woah pimp mama will NOT be happy about that I mean all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.this show is the only reason they're still relevant_and they know it Kim is flying all over the world to make $$$ now just like when Paris Hiltons 15minutes was fading

    @ Klaire

    I agree! These people have no talent and are famous for absolutely no reason! Kim's comment that being pregnant is so hard was disgusting! So many people would love to have kids and be good and loving parents and this superficial manipulative fake human being who will show case her child like a fashion accessory and get nannies to bring up her child complaining about being pregnant! The people watching these shows need to stop and the producers should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating a generation of idiots striving for fame for fames sake by behaving like morons and bitches! Why dont we value talent anymore and make badly behaved fake people famous?

    @ Klaire

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for seing what I saw last night.


    Kim needs to stop filming reality TV with her family. Most of the negative comments come directly from her family. With a baby coming and certain members of her family refusing to respect her Kim should stop reality TV. Kim needs to understand she is not responsible for her Grown brothers and sisters

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