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Jennifer Lawrence was spotted with a teddy bear yesterday walking through Heathrow airport. Many men became immediately jealous of that teddy bear.

The Best Actress Oscar nominee was also seen sucking on her thumb in an apparent effort to mess around with the paparazzi. Mission accomplished.

Also notable: The Silver Linings Playbook star was in London for the BAFTA Awards, where she and Michael Fassbender got the rumor mill churning.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

“Michael and Jennifer were locked in conversation for a long time, he was charming the pants off her,” according to celebrity gossip site Radar Online.

While there is little doubt many men would love to charm the pants off of J-Law, another insider describes that non-couple as “friendly, not flirty.”

“They have been friends for a while, there is nothing more to it,” a source said.

Lawrence, 22, and Fassbender, 35, met while filming X-Men: First Class.

That’s the very same movie during which Jennifer Lawrence met then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and Fassbender met then-girlfriend Zoe Kravitz.

Lawrence and Kravitz are also close friends, and Jen hardly seems like the type of person to violate girl code by going after her friend’s former beau.

Lawrence and Hoult broke up late last year, but are still on good terms, and will both be back with Fassbender for X-Men: Days of Futures Past.

It’s been quite the awards season for the actress, who was also named the World’s Most Desirable Woman of 2012 by more than one publication.

Why? She’s awesome. And look at these Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos!