Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Kimmel Live: My Breasts are Uneven!

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America's love affair with Jennifer Lawrence only grew by leaps and bounds during her appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

First, the Oscar-nominated actress plopped down and announced she was a "little drunk." She then explained that a recent X-Ray made her believe her breasts were uneven, a fact that clearly troubled the beautiful star.

Watch her explain now:

We then met Lawrence's mother, who scooped the world last year that her child was cast in The Hunger Games:

And finally we watched a clip from Silver Linings Playbook, as Lawrence talked about making the movie with Bradley Cooper.

Check it out here and ask yourself: does anyone out there not adore J. Law?!?


I just like her overall appearance and personality. I can care less about her boobs.


Why is this botherin' her EVERY woman's breasts are uneven!!!


hi beautiful moves


There's a fine line between being refreshingly honest and then just going overboard on the TMGDI barrier.
Jennifer should practice the less sharing with the bathroom habits etc. For future interviews. Because it just comes off as unnecessarily gross.


She has a habit of admitting a lot of surprising things! Some of it is TMI. Especially her icky bathroom habits.


Say NO to Legalizing Girl/Boy Circumcision. Say NO to 17 Year-Old Vagina/Penis Carrying 70 Year-Old Clitoris/Glans.


All women have uneven breasts. If you are right handed, you tend to build up the right side muscles including the chest. So, the right breast would be bigger. Left handers, reverse it.

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