Fox News: Least Trusted Network or Most?

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The Fox News Channel is by far the least-trusted television news source in the country, according to a new poll. However it is also the most trusted.

How does that work, exactly?

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An annual study from Public Policy Polling, which indicated that 34 percent of Americans identify Fox News as the TV news outlet they trust most.

In distant second place was PBS, with 13 percent, followed by ABC (12) followed by CNN (12), MSNBC (8), and "someone else/not sure" (7).

However, asked for the news source they trust the least, 39 percent named ... Fox News. MSNBC was next at 14 percent, followed by CNN (13).

Perhaps this is indicative of the polarized climate we live in.

"We continue to find that Democrats trust most news sources other than Fox, while Republicans don't trust anything but Fox," said Dean Debnam, PPP President.

The poll's survey sample was 42 percent Democrats compared with 33 percent who were Republicans and 25 the other percent "independent/other."

The survey polled 800 registered voters. Fifty-one percent of those polled voted for President Barack Obama in the November presidential election.

Broken down by party affiliation, Democrats trust PBS the most, followed by NBC then MSNBC. Republicans trust Fox News the most, followed by PBS and NBC.

Fox critics jumped all over the least trustworthy angle, although if a survey with 42 percent Democrats also names it the most trusted, that also speaks volumes.

It is what it is, you could say.


FOX NEWS is the only news source that doesn't protect the wost, most enept, and first anti-American President in history.


D's and R's are two sides of the same coin: All of the networks serve the same entrenched political Establishment and none of them can be trusted very far. All promote war, for example. .... People get stuck on FNC because people crave an alternative to the mind-numbing mush on the other nooze networks. It takes people a while to realize that they've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. .... FNC commentators have been wrong about almost everything, but they acquire a grip on the audience because they exploit patriotism, fear, and ethnic resentment. FNC fans don't realize that they are being led over a cliff -- led to vote against their own self-interest, for example. We have the spectacle of paupers supporting tax-breaks for billionaires. .... We're conquered because we Americans keep ourselves divided. The solution is to step off the nooze treadmill, and leave the one-dimensional Left-Right World behind. The dimension that matters most today is Top-Bottom.


Faux News!

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