Faith Hill at "Unhealthy Weight," Expert Says

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Forget This Kiss for a moment. Faith Hill must focus on this meal... and the next... and the one after that.

According to Dr. Fred Pescatore - author of The Hamptons Diet, who has never treated the country star - Hill's neck is "extremely gaunt" and her "clavicles" were "ripping [the] bodice" of her Grammy dress, seen below.

Faith Hill Photograph

“It... is an unhealthy weight,” the nutritional expert tells Radar Online, recommending fat injections in her face would as a treatment.

That seems really dangerous to us, however. Hill could simply cook up a Bruschetta Burger Recipe or King Ranch Chicken Recipe instead. Those will definitely help her pack on the pounds.

What do you think? Does Faith Hill need to lose weight?


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Faith never needed to lose weight. She was and always had been at a beautifull weight size. I do not understand these women. Whats going on with them. I always thought she was so much together than this. When I saw her here I thought she had cancer or something, but to find out she was just losing weight on her on was really ridiculous. Women would die to just have half her beauty.

Patrick gunning

People need to quit hating on Faith. She has been thin her whole life. Some people are just naturally slender. Im sure she has lost a few pounds due to her braces but take a look at her pics from six months ago, it definitely isn't drastic!


faith has been on drugs for many years... i know people that have been on tour with her and witnessed it themselves. she doesn't do any mainstream drug, it some type of cocaine/crack-like concoction that she pours in her drinks. she's just been hitting it a little harder than usual due to marital problems. this is very well known in her circle.


Faith is a mess to look at. With her horse spaced teeth, crooked smile, and scarecrow figure..youck!. Tim still looks hot and he hasnt done a thing to himself.

@ pebbles47

you're disgusting


She does have a nice shape. But, her neck and face do not look right. She may need to gain some weight but not too much.


And the last line in the article should read, "Does Faith Hill need to GAIN weight, not lose it. If she loses any more, her body won't be able to support the weight of her head.


When your head is bigger than your a$$ you need a sandwich.

@ Kat

I agree...very, very true!!!!! Also, when someone looks skinnier than a goddamn skeleton...then it's time for someone to get their GRUB ON...LOL!!!!!


she looks perfectly fine to me. Yes her face is gaunt, but not her body.


I only see a skull without MEAT!!

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