Chris Daughtry Weight Loss Photos: Shirtless, Ripped!

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Chris Daughtry's weight loss since 2010? Pretty impressive.

Chris Daughtry Shirtless Photos

The American Idol Season 5 contestant, who somehow placed fourth before going on to become one of the show's most successful alumni, is definitely its hottest.

The 33-year-old rocker put his Twitter to very good use by showing how fit he's become since dedicating himself to that three years ago. Goodness.

In case you thought the image above is doctored, it's not ... check out an un-retouched image of Chris Daughtry shirtless from a few months back.

Exercise and a diet of healthy recipes. It totally works.


Great job Mr. Daughtry I'm so happy that you made it to your goal!! I'm glad you are now very happy with yourself and you feel much better and I love your song WHAT ABOUT NOW!!!!! But the video is so sad and I cried for hours and hours and stay this way and you will stay the most confident person you know about and I'm again so happy for you!!! ❤❤


"True Victory" lies in the mental part of the body.
..............ask Lance Armstrong all about it.

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