Chris Christie Fat Jokes: N.J. Governor Dishes 'Em Out on Letterman

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Chris Christie stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman last night, and fat jokes about the New Jersey Governor were flying left and right.

For a change of pace, Christie was the one making them this time.

Typically a good sport about his weight, Christie began by taking out a doughnut and starting to eat it just moments into his interview with Letterman.

"I didn't know this was going to be this long," he deadpanned.

After pausing to take his own bite of Christie's doughnut, Dave asked his politician guest if his repeated fat jokes at Chris' expense bothered him.

Chris' take? "If the joke is funny, I laugh, even if it's about me. If it's not funny I don't laugh. But it's [never] something that bugged me all that much."

Asked what percentage of Letterman's jokes qualified as funny, Christie replied "about 40 percent" and then pulled out note cards with a few of his favorites.

Classic. Chris may not be known for his love of healthy recipes, but the popular Garden State Republican has a healthy self-awareness and sense of humor.

He can dish it out and take it as well, which you gotta respect.

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one thing about our governor he has a good sense of humor.