Teen Mom 2: Canceled, Jenelle Evans "Liability" to Blame?

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Has Jenelle Evans become too big of a liability, even for MTV?

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    you know they have this invention now its called a remote you don't even have to get off your arse to change the channel. if you don't like watching it turn it not rocket science.


    take jenelle off. I think the restr of the girls r doing ok.but everyd time Jenelle comes on it makes me want to turn the station...she is selfish and childish and a brat,uneducated self centered..take her off.why should the other girls suffer. Jenelle's mother is a little clueless.Keep Jace away from that nut Jenelle...


    I'm not convinced that she was pregnant. I think it was all for media attention and sympathy. She's good at getting her 'fans' to feel sorry for her. It's what she does best.


    Well, the show needs to be cancelled anyway. It is just the same thing: a bunch of teen girls getting pregnant in order to be on TV.


    Thank God keep these young girls off They should be in some training school. Never make having a baby the thing that they want to do.


    I believe Teen Mom was cancelled mainly sus to Amber Portwood's legal issues. Teen Mom 2 will go out virtually for the same reason. Even if Jenelle is not locked-uo long term, it'll be like the original. In fact, didn't Teen Mom get retired before Amber was sentences to 5 years? I believe so, and it was being of the liability factor. I believe Jenelle's selling of a fake pregnancy and subsequent fake miscarriage is too much for MTV to want to deal with; final straw. This show is over after season 4.

    @ Kats

    Wow, way to proof read, Kat. And yet again, thank you iPhone spell check for letting me down again. Fail.


    fuck off


    people like her need to be a mental "Rock"either.
    ............she isn't.


    Why cancel the whole show because of her? Kick her off the show and let the others continue. The other cast members shouldn't have to suffer because of her.

    @ Really!!!

    I agree, kick Jenelle off the show(& make her get a real job) and keep the others on the show...including Barb and Jace. Barb is my fave! Chelsea is a worthless dog killer, so she should go too...

    @ Jennie

    Jenny I totally agree with you!

    @ Really!!!

    I'm the biggest 16 & Pregnant franchise fan ever, but I think it is time after season 4 that they all go. They're just too famous and it's lost it's initial focus. How many more times do we really need to see their lives from a year prior transpire in front of the cameras, and even worse than that--with this mundane set-up. Of them experiencing situations and then sitting in coffee shops, etc with their friends, discussing the situation we just saw. It is just so unnecessary. What really ruined the already stale set-up was knowing their lives too much outside of the year-old taping. I'm excluding Jenelle in this, even. It's just all played-out. Even with the impending TM3, and their lack of fame, I don't know if I'll even care. I personally am a little tired of; *girl goes to her school/on a date*; *girl then talks on the phone/ in person with someone about what we just saw her do at the school/on a date." Blaaaahr.

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