Taylor Swift Lands in London; Harry Styles Reunion Imminent?

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Might there be hope for Haylor after all?

Taylor Swift touched down in London yesterday, with sources confirming Harry Styles in both in the city and has a couple days off. Coincidence?!?

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

Yes, Swift's rep tells E! News, explaining that his client is simply overseas to perform and pose for some magazine covers.

"Once she disembarked, she was met by a bodyguard and a driver who took her straight into a central London," a source says. "She is staying at a London hotel. She seemed excited to be here."

Swift and Style split toward the end of 2012, with one insider claiming Taylor was too prude for the One Direction star.

And while neither side has spoken out since then, the female artist did Tweet a photo of herself in the studio not long afterward, with rumors of a Harry Styles breakup song hitting the Internet.

Might it now need to be to put on hold?


Taylor Swift likes dark meat
After publicly humiliating Harry Styles at the Brit Awards she was flirting with his black friends Jordan Stephen and Frank Ocean. After whoring with so many white men it’s about time Taylor Swift started whoring with niggers as well. Think about all of the new songs she could write because of the new boyfriends.


did he hurt her oh no he didn't i'm her biggest Fan


You are the worst kind of bullies, even if she is in England for work. The tabloids are going to make up some wild story that becomes a crazy headline.And that headline even when proven wrong becomes fact that is quoted by another bottom feeding gossip site.then another site takes another lie and ads it to another lie that becomes a new lie..LIES BECOME TRUTH AND THE TRUTH IS LOST IN THE LIES.No matter why she is in London you will find a way to make her look bad. So so sad!

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