Taylor Swift as Rapunzel: First Look!

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In real life, Taylor Swift continues to dream of that fairytale romance.

But in pretend life, no fantasizing is necessary for this singer, as she's featured in Annie Leibovitz' ongoing Disney Dream Portraits series.

Dressed like Rapunzel,the artist is perched atop a tree, blonde hair flowing all around her, undoubtedly dreaming of that perfect man.

Look for the image to appear in such publications as Vanity Fair, People and InStyle. What do you think of it?

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel



um.... shes in a tower- not a tree... -_-


I get IMPOTENT when I see this woma, folks!!


To bad she would break up with prince charming only because she couldn't think of a better song idea. I love her songs but its a broken record.. "OMG look at my new boy toy im going to write a song about, and the paparazzi are taking my picture with him but ill never admit to dating him, even though you know we are dating already and ill break up with a perfectly good guy just to make music for my record." She is a cheap whore who can't think of anything better to write about what happened to great songs like Love Story and Ours. Songs about the feeling of being in love THAT is the Taylor Swift that I love. Not this hoe! What happened to her?

@ kay

taylor is now a boy collector she want to proves that i can get wat i wnt no one can stop me,taylor just remember our time on earth is just a blink of an eye,i like taylor swift before simple,knw how to fall in love normal person but ur a monster.

@ renalyn febre bulads

Please use English because normal, intelligent people can't understand you.


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