Selena Gomez: Out for Revenge Against Justin Bieber!

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Selena Gomez has made no secret that Taylor Swift is one of her very best friends.

Now, according to a new report, the artist may be taking a page from her BFF... which could mean BIG trouble for Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez Looks Good
Justin Bieber, Back

“Justin was so mean to Selena that she can’t wait to spill all the sh-t about him in her new songs,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “All his flirting and all his bullsh-t are on the table."

Selena and Justin split right before New Year's, after an argument in Mexico resulted in the stars flying back to Los Angeles separately.

Bieber, of course, has mostly enjoyed a sterling reputation in the eyes of fans, but various recent stories have called that into question; led, of course, by the Justin Bieber smoking pot incident."

Concludes this Selena source of what the public may soon hear:

"Her fans will be shocked about how much of a badass she can be when she’s out for revenge.” 

Kim smith 1

oh really


Bieber would rather hang out with lil twist A.K.A. # lil BIG mooch and fuck around in bed with gay black guys in Miami. TO each their own just don't drag some nice girl into your fooked up shit.


He is a boy with a pretty face, bad temper, and ugly everything else. BUT even that fades over time.


Selena was babysitting justin too much. She is not his mother or a punching bag. Now his mom can have HER job back. Justin is the kind of person that needs constant supervision. Totally bipolar and angry just like his dad Jeremy. I think tHat is really scary for all of us. Some people should no procreate…he should have been aborted.


Justin WASTED her time. He USED her. He cheated on her, he yelled at her, he was mean to her. He is the total JERK his dad is. DID ANY OF YOU NOT READ HIS MOM'S BOOK!>?!?!?!? HELLO JEREMY BIEBER is JJUSTIN BIEBER....they are the same genetic FUCK UPS!!!!! He completed abused PATTIE and now selena all for that fucked up hollyweird world. Thats NOT OK! Luckily women today have more smarts and options in life. We SHOULD be supporting Selena. This bullshit needs to stop. Get angry and tell the world Selena. It is about time the world gets a wake up call. lesson learned??


Justin is far from innocent. THere is so much to him and his boyz....yes with a Z!!! not his boys his boyz. Of COURSE selena has a right to be petrified who knows if she will get aids or something else from that asshole. Some of you all have if backwards. Selena did the right thing.


Wake-up Selena, Selena wake-up!! Your BFF TS fairytale playbook “Breaking-up” is falling apart. Furthermore, the women of Hollywood are joking about those who use it. I’ve read that you want to date “really hot guys”. Just to let you know I use the George Clooney’s hand book of “Romance without Commitment”. Things that you should know:
1. Hot guys should not be cheating on their dates, because there is a conveyor belt of women waiting to call after one romance has ended.
2. Please no drama, and no stepping out “Au Natural”, we have an image to keep. Just ask George? The hot guys in your financial are group are very, very limited, and most are taken. For the lower financial group, we will need financial help to keep on seeing each other.
3. I am all in for long courtship as long as you take care of the family jewels.
NOTE: There are twice as many women then their men in the US. Good pickings.


This girl makes my blood boil...I ussd to look up to selena gomez too and I loved jelena cause I look up to Justin too and when all this happend and hearing Justin was depressed and she was partying and want revenge and he's crying and writing sad songs, it makes me sad ill never leave Justin side ever I love you Justin!!♡♥


DyCome on guys how would you feel if some guy or chick gave you the screws you would
not like it,what makes you think that selgo shouldnt get revenge ,not showing her the respect for what that kid did to her,its the thing to do, okay,
Want me to make a short list, smoking weed, showing off bad mouthing other people when selgo hangs around with them them ,thats jealously man ,yodont need that kind of garbage, know what i mean man, acting like an ass,dont say that she should just ignore his bs,man i dont think so,and dont say that for selgo that it would not be a lady if she did take revenge, you know the saying What GOES AROUND COMES AROUND i say give him hell girl.


If selena want to prove she is a women she shouldn't be making revege song because it show me and other growen up the you are not a woman. A woman doesn't make reveges songs about their ex. I think you are going to be suprise on valitinies day. When the spend the day together. I have heard rumors about that and these are law enforcement officer that I have bee hear because she sopost to fly some place but she hasn't said where make you wounder.

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