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Sarah Herndon is Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend, according to celeb gossip site Radar Online. She is 1. 22 years old; 2. A waitress, and 3. Hot!

None of which are surprising.

Phelps didn’t stay single for long after breaking up with Megan Rossee in December. Rossee, an aspiring model and waitress, dated him for 10 months.

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The Olympic gold medalist‘s latest gal pal was reportedly “swept off her feet” by the athletic great, who whisked her off on a romantic trip to the Bahamas.

Phelps, 27, met Sarah Herndon while she was on holiday with her family in Cabo San Lucas, and she extended her trip an extra day to stay with him.


Sarah’s pal, who declined to be named, reports:

“Sarah was on holiday with her family in Cabo and that’s where she met Michael. She stayed an extra day with [Phelps] because he asked her to.”

“She asked her family if she could stay another day [while they went home] and they were cool with it, especially after they found out who he was!”

“She flew back to L.A. afterwards, but then Michael invited her out to the Bahamas last week where he was doing a celebrity golf tournament.”

“He offered to fly her out to the Bahamas to stay with him, and of course she jumped at the chance. She got whisked off her feet, I mean he’s a celebrity.”

Things apparently got steamy there, the source adds: “She had a great time with him. They hooked up multiple times, and she said he is an amazing lover.”

Heck, it was even fun while Mike was busy.

“Michael would go play in the golf tournament in the morning and she would stay at the place they were renting just swimming naked in the pool.”

“She had the time of her life, for sure.”

So who is this Sarah Herndon, exactly?

“She was dating a guy in L.A., and they broke up recently. She’s gorgeous, funny and loves to have a good time….. Michael appears to be the perfect fit for her.”

“She is kind of easy going, she likes to hook up with hot guys.”