Same-Sex Army Wife Banned from Spousal Club at Fort Bragg

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A real-life controversy is giving Lifetime's Army Wives a run for its scandalous money.

Ashley Broadway and wife Heather Mack - a lieutenant colonel stationed at Fort Bragg - were married in November, a few months after the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

But Broadway has been denied membership in a base club for officers' spouses, with many believing this ban is solely due to her sexual preference.

Army Wives

Broadway was told by a representative from the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses last week that her application was turned down because she does not possess a military spouse identification card.

HOWEVER, this is a brand new rule, according to Babette Maxwell, founder and executive director of Military Spouse Magazine. It was only enacted after Broadway asked to join the club.

The club's bylaws, obtained by NBC News, make it clear this organization accepts "spouses of all commissioned and warrant officers," even mentioning that the group "will not seek to deprive individuals of their civil rights."

There is no reference in the bylaws to an identification card.

Said a tear-filled Broadway of the rejection:

“I was really hurt by the denial. Living for years under ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ I couldn’t be a part of the military family. After ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ I thought, wow, I can finally be part of something, finally give back to the military community in ways other than just writing a check. So it was a blow. A real blow. Here, I thought things were progressing. I was knocked back down.”

Broadway and Mack have a two-year old son and the latter is eight months pregnant with their second child.

Yesterday, the spouse club wrote on its website:

"Our constitution and Bylaws are currently being reviewed. Thank you for your patience during this process. We will have them posted as soon as possible."


No one reaching out for support and acceptance should be turned away. Her wife served our country and she cannot sit down with a group of women going through the same ordeal. I have lived in Fayetteville. When troops are deployed its hard on everyone. I cannot fathom the anxiety and worry the spouses deal with on an everyday bases. So cut her some slack for wanting to have a cup of coffee with women she thought were her peers and family. She is not asking them to enter her bedroom. Just to merely lend an ear as she navigates the bumpy and winding path they travel being army wives.


"pregnant with their second child"....THEIR second child?? does that work without a husband? THis whole SSM thing is causing nothing but trouble. President Obama rushed it thru and forced this on Americans with little thought on repercussions. THey did not allow or listen to ANY concerns from opposing viewpoints. Nothing but a mess.


And the homophobic crap continues.

@ Ernest thoughts exactly!!!!!

@ Ernest

and the heterophobic likewise.


At least the Army is standing up to these perverts. Voter's in most states voted AGAINST making same sex marriages legal. These laughable imdividuals keep whinnying, and get their sick way. Have you sern these losers on the news, fat ugly, neurotics. Most of the entertainers who are gay or lesbian, aren't on the picket lines acting like idiots. If no one of the opposite sex wants you and you decide to become a pervert, fine, but no way should it be legal to marry the same sex.