Redskins Name Change: Proposed by Mayor Vincent Gray

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With the Washington Redskins enjoying success for the first time in decades, there's been talk in the nation's capital of bringing the team's home field back to D.C., as opposed to its current location in Maryland.

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    I am 1/8th Cherokee and 1/16 Choctaw...
    I've been a die hard skin's fan since I was old enough to talk. Gray is just being a ignorant liberal who needs to be swarmed with controversy some way or another. The Redskins have had the mascot of "Redskins" since 1932, why is this such a big problem 81 years after the fact?


    The only people that have anything to say about needing to change the name probably don't even know how to throw a football. So stop messing with something you dont know anything about and leave it be. Its been this way for years and no one cared now the nation has been turned in to a bunch of pussy's and everyone complains about stupid shit.


    ..........Gray is GAY?


    Has got to be a liberal bitching about being offended.


    who gives a shat!!!!! the redskins suck any way!!! its all about the RAVENS now..... beochs


    That fella...Mr. Gray, better spend his time worrying about other things like, the crime rate in his city and pray The Redskins don't decide that relocating is a better option...and take all of those jobs that their home games brings, with them...If that happens, he can cancel thoughts of reelection...Chucklin'.


    mr gray should not worry about the name he need to bring the team back and then talk about a name change,I have some crow blood in my veins and people still use the n word why cant we all get alone.

    @ Ray Barnes

    where will this whineing end, there is so much more important issues ,like the Debt!!!!!! lets get real.The next thing they will want to change is Indian Motocycle,co Red man chew tobacco,chippawa boot,co .needi say more!!!!!!!!!!

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