Michelle Obama Eye Roll at John Boehner: Caught on Video!

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President Barack Obama's Inauguration featured classic photo bombs, Beyonce lip-syncing, a big Sasha Obama yawn and an epic eye roll from Michelle Obama.

Michelle's rolling of eyes was directed at Speaker of the House John Boehner, who tapped her on the back during lunch. Umm, dude, I'm trying to eat here!

At the inaugural luncheon, Barack Obama seems like he was being cordial toward Boehner, though Michelle looked less than thrilled - at least in this viral clip.

It's one thing to block her man's agenda in Congress and battle over the debt ceiling like a boss. Another to interrupt FLOTUS in the middle of lunch.

Tell us: Was Michelle Obama's eye roll rude?

UPDATE: Boehner was reportedly clueless after the fact, telling Republican House members the next day that they casually conversed and that was it.

Expert lip reader Larry Wenig tells Inside Edition that - he believes - Boehner was asking President Obama if he wanted to join him for a cigarette before lunch.

Wenig believes Boehner - a known smoker - then tapped the FLOTUS on the arm before joking to the president that “somebody won’t let you do it,” referring to Michelle Obama.


I can say, as an expert 'eyeroller', that was NOT an eyeroll. The press needs to find something else to do besides over-analyze a split second video.


Well, I've watched this many times now and I still do not understand why people, both detractors and supporters, continue to interpret this as an "eyeroll" or that she was "throwing shade" or being disrespectful. She's in the middle of eating something while Boehnerand her husband are talking. Boenher taps her arm and comments while her mouth is full. She halfway turns to him and keeps eating while he continues commenting. She turns to back to him and comments while shaking her head no, just as the speaker begins to say something and she looks to her far right where he is on the mic. There is no "rolling" apparent to me. If this clip had been viewed without the inflated media commentary, no one would have even taken notice of it. For the media, controversy is good for business, and they are not concerned with the truth or the outcome of this sort of "reporting". They continue to do it because it is so effective, as evidenced in the comment sections beneath stories like this.


Who could blame her? Boehner does seem like a guy who wants to test President Obama. Asking him to smoke is one sign. I guess that explains why President Obama said that his wife Michelle has made him a better husband and President.


1st lady suppose to roll her eyes and diss that lame!


OOH NO, some people are indeed so boring & a pain in the *SS.
......................LADIES ARE ALWAY'S RIGHT!!


I hate what her husband is doing to America they are lying, snakes in the grass who live and survive off of the backbreaking work of the american people. They don't give a fuck about the citizens or jobs or anything but themselves. WE pay their salary WE pay their bills, WE pay for that cunt to get her hair and nails done WE pay for their security for THEIR entire lives..Where did they get the money for the millions of dollars spent on gun control? The salary those fuck heads were supposed to give to the military. The vary people who give THEIR lives for OUR freedom. But THEY don't care because THEIR set for life!


To think these so called professional politician groups don't hate each other is denial in its purest form. They can not stand each other!!! Boehner is a political head so it goes without saying- his moral compass is steered buy money. Obama is a self righteous radical who feels it necessary to correct all the wrongs Americans (WHITE) have commited in regards to coveting the wealth of this country. His veiw is -Blacks are already at their wits end- so who gives a crap if whites are in the same boat. Michelle Obama has learned to put on that smiling face in public. Anyone with a good eye can see that not only is she uncomfortable around people who don't have her husbands veiws she also feels threatened and is aloof. She is a bitter individual and it's obvious. CNN can Bullsh*t people all they want- brag on her BUT STILL- she is an angry Black Woman!!!!! This STANDOFF will not end in the next 4 years! It will only get worse.

@ South by Southwest

Agree 100% with you. I'll add, two anti-American radicals. Inept at jobs in the past, Michelle was disbarred from practicing law, I don't think she even had the intelligence to pass the bar exam. Barack, lmao. The worst American President in history.

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